Double Opt In Email Marketing

Double Opt in Email Marketing - 3 Steps to Carrying it Out the Right Way
By Fabian Tan

Technology savvy companies are using email marketing to better connect with their current and past customers.

However, with spam being such a prevalent problem it is important that these companies separate themselves from the trash that inundates their customer's inbox on a daily basis.

By utilizing a double opt in email marketing campaign companies can ensure they're only sending information to customers who are interested. To make the most of email marketing the wise company will follow the guidelines below to launch a successful campaign.

Step 1: The company should make sure that their customers want to receive information and special offers.

The best way to do this is by making sure that the sign up process for receiving emails is presented as an option and not a requirement. If a check box is used the default state of the box should be unchecked. If offered at physical point of purchase or over the telephone the company representative should ensure the customer is agreeing to receive communications by giving their email address.

Step 2: When company email communications are sent ensure that the email is clearly labeled. With the amount of spam assaulting consumers today it is important for a company to make sure an email is recognized as coming from them. Consumers are very quick to press the delete key, or reporting unrecognized emails as spam. By making all communications clearly recognizable companies embarking on a double opt in email marketing campaign can minimize spam reports.

Step 3: Wise companies offer a short message at the beginning of the email reminding the customer that they requested email communications, and an easy way to opt out of receiving any future communications. Depending on the amount of time passed from the original request it is easy for customers to forget the original request.

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