Farming Expired Leads And ...

by Mark C.
(North Carolina)

Is This A Good Deal Or What?

Is This A Good Deal Or What?

Hi Lanard,

Mark C., Broker in NC. I've been looking at your system for a day or so now trying to determine if its the right move. Honestly if it works it would be worth the $57 plus some.

As I am clicking thru the sight I click the marketing page and I am taken to an offer which includes the farming expired (less the ebook and technically the marketing book as I have it), 50 high impact letters and 50 buyer seller marketing articles for $29.

So it would appear the only thing lacking from the latter is the Farming ebook but it offers so much more in regards to correspondence.

Why should I go with the $57 Farming system vs. $29 for everything the farming system has less the farming ebook?


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