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Selling your home For Sale By Owner (FSBO) can be a very challenging process, but when done right it can result in thousands of dollars in saved Realtor fees. And on a $200,000.00 sale that adds up to $12,000.00. With that kind of money you can buy a car, put into your kids’ college savings, or maybe a swimming pool in your next home.

Just so you know, as a former Realtor I think home owners have a huge advantage in selling their homes For Sale By Owner Realtors can never fully catch up to; they know their homes! They know when the kids are let off at the bus stop 3 minutes from their front door. They also know when the birds nest in the tree outside their master bedroom window will erupt into beautiful bird songs.

Yes, who better to sell your home, whether For Sale By Owner or not, than you?

However, to compete with professional Realtors you must learn at least some of the basics, like those found in the “Sell It Myself” and Save Realtor Fees Ecourse, a FREE 7 Lesson course that teaches you how to market your home like a professional. Register here!

Selling real estate is a business and you need to get in the mindset of selling your home For Sale By Owner as just that – a business transaction! The “Sell It Myself” ECcourse will help you do that!

Sellers who sell For Sale By Owner must learn “real estate speak” to achieve the desired outcome. While terms like discount points, loan origination fees, home warranties, seller disclosures, escrow, going to closing, buyer rescission periods, pre-qualifying buyers, termite reports, appraisals, underwriters, etc, can be a little overwhelming at first, with a little studying you’ll be able to master the concepts and learn how they apply to your transaction. The more you know the more money you can pocket when you sell FSBO.

Before putting your home on the market For Sale By Owner you need to do an exhaustive, and as best you can, objective assessment. Take a really close look at your home, inside and out, way before you ever actually put it on the market. Do the following:

  • Drive by the outside of your home as a stranger would. Does it look better (curb appeal) than the other homes in the neighborhood? What looks good about it? What looks bad? Now, come up with a plan to make it look better.
  • Take a photograph of your home from the street to see if that gives you a new perspective. Is it as “pretty as a picture?” If not, why?

What will it take to make your home one of the most attractive ones in the neighborhood? You may be surprised by the answer, as often times it’s simple things that you can do for relatively little money.

Here are some other areas and things to consider when sprucing up your home for increased curb appeal and For Sale By Owner:

  • Make it easy for potential buyers to find your house. Make sure your house number is prominently displayed, and is well illuminated at night and illuminated so that it is easy to read.
  • Is your house clean, interior and exterior? If not, then get busy cleaning it. Sometimes you’ll only get one chance to make a winning impression, and a dirty, cluttered home just won’t cut it.

· Mow the grass, edge it and water the lawn. Is it full and green? If not, fertilize it, and then put in bedding plants and mulch. Store shovels and other equipment in a shed or other out-of-sight location.

  • Doors should be unmarred, clean, and repainted if necessary. The doorbell and door hardware should be in good repair.
  • Your front porch and entry should be clean and tidy. Do not allow flyers to accumulate, and if there is a doormat, it should be clean and in good condition. Decoration such as a tasteful wreath is fine, but don’t overwhelm your entry and door with frilly adornments.
  • Use your garage to park your automobiles, not as the final resting place for things that you have no where else to put. To make the best impression, it should be clean and tidy, with garden tools hung neatly off to one side or in a storage cabinet. But if things can’t be stored elsewhere, bicycles, the snow blower, and the lawn mower should be placed so as not to impede movement around the cars.
  • Garbage containers should be empty and clean. When was the last time you washed your garbage can? My point exactly!
  • The driveway should be degreased and sealed.
  • Sidewalks, patio decks and fences should be power washed and clean of algae.
  • Walkways and patios should be clean and free of cracks. If your walkway or patio has unwanted grass or weeds they can be eliminated easily with boiling water or a propane torch.

Selling For Sale By Owner can be fun and very rewarding, and easy when armed with the knowledge, tools and resources you need to get the job done. Your home is an investment, and by taking a little time to put it in top form, you will get a higher return on that investment when you decide to sell.


Enroll here in the FREE 7 Lesson ECourse, “Sell It Myself ” and learn more ways to effectively market and sell your home For ale By Owner. You’ll also learn some things that’ll help you save money even if you decide to list with a Realtor.

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