Free Leads For Real Estate

Free Leads for Real Estate, amazingly enough, are plentiful and easy to find. So, if you need more leads and prospective buyer, seller and investor lead don’t have to look far to find them. Let’s consider a few possibilities.

Recently I wrote an article about using real estate agent flyers to generate leads. Specifically, it talks about designing, printing and hand 1,000 or so real estate flyers over a months time – about 250 a weekend for four consecutive weekends.

Here’s what you’d do if you want buyer leads. First, design and print flyers that say something like ...

Next, get yourself an autoresponder and some special marketing reports.  Select a set of reports with one titled "Why Great Homes Don't Sell" and upload it to the autoresponder.  Next, create and distribute a real estate flyer with the following ad:

Do you know what will happen next.  Sellers will email you for the special report and when they do they'll be captured in your email database for future mailings...and make no mistake about it - sellers will request the information. 


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This is really what the internet is all about. Getting the right real estate TRAFFIC and then CONVERTING it into real estate LEADS. This is especially true in the real estate space as over 90% of consumers are starting their home search online. This fact has resulted in real ... The easiest way to get found online organically, {meaning FREE} is to create the real estate content your ideal client is looking for. Real estate content that ...

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Real Estate Investor Website Templates for Leads – REItheme ... 1) Pimp Your Facebook Fan Page: Facebook is a great place to build your brand for your real estate investing business. ... that has your picture, facebook URL in it, heck… if you really want to ramp up the marketing… include your text message marketing info on there (or a toll free 24 hour recorded message geared at attracting cash buyers) and build your list right there.

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