Free Real Estate Lead - Free and Good!

A Free Real Estate Lead can be the best kind to have.  For example, I generate multiple streams of real estate leads in a number of ways, 24/7.

And while I generate fewer this way than through paid advertising I convert more of them to paying customers.  

And if I can do it you can, too.

Here are three free real estate lead generation strategies that you can begin using immediately.

1. Find Partners . Find strategic business partners that have the same objectives as you, then trade leads, share marketing info, offer discounts and offer incentives.  Here's a practical example of what I mean. 

Partner with mortgage loan officers, appraisers, and title companies and together sponsor buyer, seller, investor and renter workshops. 

Your contribution will be bringing he parners together and extending the opportunity to them to meet new prospects with almost no effort on heir parts in exchange for them picking up costs for sponsoring the workshops (advertising, food, handouts, etc.).

This approach can result in a "win - win" outcome for everybody and the more often you partner with others the more leads you can generate.  I recommend that that you do this at least 2 times per year.

  • Do you know of any agents holding investor workshops?  Probably not, and the point here is to dare to do something different to generate free real estate leads, and hosting workshops for investors will certainly do that for you.

2. Imitate Others.  Model your activities after those of successful agents. I'm not saying that you should outright copy them, but there's nothing wrong with practicing some of their habits that make them successful..  For example, every successful agent I know utilizes one or more of the following concepts and strategies; direct mail campaigns - flyers, post cards and letters; email marketing campaigns; lead generating newsletters; real estate marketing articles, etc.

  • Watch what successful agents in your office are doing, then do what they do.  If they mail out 10 letters a day, then you mail out 10 a day.  If they send letters to FSBOs, then you should send letters to FSBOs. 

It's not important that you like what they do if your objective is to grow your business.  As Nike put it - just do it. Here are some more real ideas for generating free real estate leads.

3. Create and Distribute a Newsletter. The third and final free real estate lead idea is about lead generating newsletters; a flop for some and a boon for others.  And the only way to find out if it’ll be a success for you is to try it.  If it doesn't work out as well as you'd like you won't have spent a lot of money trying it - especially with electronic newsletters.

Sign up to see what mine looks like and get some ideas about how you might do yours. One of its greatest advantages of a newsletter is its simplicity, all you have to do is have a mailing list and create a newsletter on your home computer, which can be as simple as a real estate marketing article report.  You can easily create a design for it, or not. 

A newsletter is a fast way to market for leads, plus you’ll get fast replies.  Remember, though, that generating a free real estate lead this way should not be looked upon as a fast way to make sales.  Instead, think of it as a way to create relationships - and be confident in the understanding that sales will follow.

  • Create a newsletter today - even if it's nothing more than mailing prewritten real estate marketing reports.  Prospects don't care so much about a perfect approach as they do about getting useful information - and prewritten real estate content offers all that and more.

Summarily, the idea of a free real estate lead is not only a good one, it's also a potentially profitable one.  If you are not good at generating leads you can learn to be...and it doesn't have to cost a lot of money. And when you experience moments when you are less than excited about real estate lead generation, remember - without leads there won't be any sales.

Here's a guide full of free real estate lead ideas.

free real estate lead ideas

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