I Want To Farm Expired Listings Because I Need Listings

I Need Real Estate Listings!

I Need Real Estate Listings!

I've been a licensed agent for approximately 6 months and I don't have any leads or listings. I've been shelling out money every month and am not making any.

My Broker wants me to make lots of cold calls, but I hate cold calling. So, I've been thinking about Farming Expired Listings for a while and when I came across your website it got me to thinking that I might actually enjoy real estate marketing if I Farm Expireds.

Plus, it's reasonable to think that if I can buy a proven system I can get some. Anyway, that's why I want to Farm Expired Listings!

But I have to ask..."If Farming Expired Listings is such a good idea why do so few agents farm them?

By the way, you've got a pretty cool website and I enjoy reading your newsletter. You give a lot of good ideas.

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