Just Listed Post Card

Just Listed Post Card! Remember when you got your first listing? It was a buzz, wasn't it? I liked the feeling so much I couldn't wait to do it again and again - over and over. Maybe that's why I like Postcards as much as I do.

just listed

They can help you acquire new leads, listings and sales; generate new business and create a brand relatively quickly as you build your reputation... and you can do it without going broke. 

Creating a Brand

You may not necessarily think of in these terms, but a Just Listed Post Card can be a powerful branding tool.

With the real estate field being as crowded as it is you need to distinguish yourself from other agents as quickly as you can, and real estate post cards are a fast easy way to do that.

Post Cards are visually appealing and are relatively inexpensive. Plus, they're cost effective to mail out once a month to help you build rapport with your readers, to gain their trust and ultimately become their trusted agent of choice.

Selling a Listing

The most obvious reason for mailing out Just Listed Post Cards is to announce that you have a new listing for sale.

First, you want to send it to other agents in your community, as they potentially may have buyers for it. Plus, it'll pay big dividends to network with other Realtors. I made it a point to keep all of my listings in front of them via advertising flyers and brochures, newsletters and personal phone calls.

You also want to inform neighbors when you have listings for sale in their neighborhoods. They may know of someone interested in them, making for fast easy sales.

Did you do this when you got your first listing? What about now? If not you're missing out on some easy sales and referrals.

Neighbors near your listings can't refer their family, friends and acquaintances if they don't know about them, or you for that matter. So, take a few minutes to mail them a post card introducing yourself and asking for their help in selling the property and offer your assistance with their buying and selling needs.

And make no mistake about it, when you ask for business you'll get it. So, go ahead, speak up, don't be shy.

Advertising For New Business

For Sale signs are magical. Not only do they draw in interested buyers, but sellers will also stop in and inquire about properties that have signs in front of them.

With buyers you can obviously try to sell them on the property they inquire about, but you can also help them find other properties if the one they drop in to see isn't suitable. That's the drawing power of listings and why you should have as many as you can get.

Listings can also attract other sellers. Sellers are funny like that. They'll see a for sale sign go up in their neighborhood and like the idea of listing their property with that same agent. And just think - it can all start with a Just Listed Post Card.

So, the next time you get a listing design, print and mail Just Listed Post Cards to get the magic working for you.

"I didn't sell a lot of new listings with just listed post cards, but I sure did get a lot of buyer and seller leads that bought or listed something!"

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