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Mortgage Broker Post Card. The mortgage industry is in turmoil. Foreclosures are up, as borrowers with sub prime mortgages default at alarming rates.  Additionally, borrowers wanting mortgages are having a more difficult time qualifying. 

So, you would think that the market is locked; sellers can't sell and buyers can't buy.  But that's not entirely true, as people continues to make real estate transactions. 

More important than ever before is the need to inform and educate consumers about mortgages and Post Cards are an excellent way to do it.  Mailing high quality postcards to your prospects on a regular basis leads to increased business opportunities, especially when it combines a worthy message and a special offer.

The objective of any post card marketing campaign is to generate inquiries. Perhaps it's for free home buyer and seller reports, or maybe even a free consultation. But whatever it is it should create an opportunity to learn about people in your prospect database who are interested in purchasing or refinancing homes.

You can also inform your prospects about  credit card information and how it relates to getting a mortgage to buy a home.  Credit is a subject that everybody wants to know more about and if you offer it to them for free you could soon establish yourself as an agent of choice when it comes to applying for mortgage loans.

You could also inform them with information about buying and selling articles that you place on your web site.  With sellers you can educate them about how to prepare their homes to sell for the most money possible in the least amount of time.  For buyers it could be to educate them about appraisals, closing costs, restrictive covenants, etc.

Summarily, a post card can be a springboard to generating more leads and converting them to paying customers. 

"There are many ways to make money using Mortgage Broker Post Cards. You can market new financing, refinancing, foreclosures, etc. How do you want to use them."

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