Post Card for Expired Listing Listings; Real Estate Marketing Talk

Want to know what a Post Card for Expired Listing campaign can do for you? A lot! Arguably, they’re as effective as real estate letters and flyers, as

their marketing messages are in plain sight for all readers to see.

First, there’s the cost -

.32 cents to mail a post card verses .45 cents per letter.

By the time you add the cost of paper for your letters and envelopes the cost of mailing postcards could conceivably be half that of letters.

Real Estate Listing Postcard Campaigns: Strike Fast ...

Post Card For Expired Listing campaigns can give you the opportunity to show (in full color) the type of service they can expect to receive from you as an agent. Targeting expired listing homeowners means you have an attentive ...

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Expired Listings – Are you an Investor? If so, get a real estate agent to give you a list of Expireds, Cancelleds and Withdrawns; and mail a letter or a postcard to them. You need to do this in 2-3 steps. It is important to mail to them AS SOON AS they expire. Otherwise, they'll ...

Create Customized Post Cards Online
If you’re looking for a low cost real estate marketing strategy look no further than expired listing post cards. It’s simple to design and mail post cards to your customers than ever before.

There are many web sites where you simply go to the main page of the web site, then follow a few links to design and create your on post cards. Sometimes you have the option of choosing from hundreds of designs, which you can then customize! And often times you just can’t beat the prices.

Want to convey a professional image? Then attractive, glossy post cards are the way. You’re a professional and the post cards you send convey that and your desire to be their agent.

Buy Your Own Post Card Making Software?
I’m a big advocate of buying any kind of software verses paying for the privilege of using it. When you own the software you can use it repeatedly, until you either tire of using it, wear it out, or eventually find a better product. You can design post cards and other marketing materials like a pro, but at do it yourself prices.

Away You Go
So, if you want great way to relist expired listings mailing a series of postcards can help you convert expired listings to new ones. All you do is drop a postcard in the mail and wait for the phone to ring. Does it get any easier?

"I think farming expired listings is the best thing since cheesecake. And farming them with post cards is cherry preserves on top."

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