Postcard Marketing Success; Easy, Fast and Affordable

While Postcard Marketing Success can be achieved by accident, best campaigns start and end with good plans that address 5 basic questions;

1) Who are you mailing

2) What are you mailing

3) Why are you mailing them 

4) When are you mailing them

5) What is your desired outcome?

Let's look at each one in a littlle more detail

Who are you mailing? Maybe you're mailing existing clients, which makes sense.

It's always a good idea to keep in touch with current clients to generate business, sales as well as referrals.

Plus, by keeping in regular contact with current clients you keep the from wandering to other agents eager to snatch them up as new lead prospects.

What are you maiing - postcards or letters?

According to the United States Postal Service 56% of sealed letters never get opened.That equates to a lot of money being spent on letters that get ignored. 

On the other hand  there's a good chance that 100% of your postcards will at least be given a perfunctory glance as they arrive unopened with your message on clear display.

Additionally, postcards cost less to mail than letters and with discounts for bulk mailing can be quite a bargain compared to mailing letters.  So, Postcards are a good way to go.

postcard marketing

Why are you mailing? Some agents mail postcards to drive traffic to their websites, where they have subscription forms that to capture names, email addresses and other contact information for followup. And as you've probably heard, subscriber lists are worth their weight in gold.

When you have a mailing list you can generate sales through repeat mailings. If you don't have one you're just another agent scrounging for enough leads to keep you in business for another month.

When are you mailing? While there are different opinions about the best time to mail postcards, conventional wisdom has it that Mondays and Fridays are a waste of time for various reasons (e.g.,people are busiest on Mondays due to having to get caught up after having been off over the weekend and on Fridays they're shutting down in preparation for them), leaving Tuesday - Thursday as the better days for delivery of your postcards.   .

Finally, what is your desired outcome? In the end I engage in postcard marketing campaigns to make more sales. It starts with getting prospects interested enough in my services via the postcard mailings to visit my website to view my products and services that I offer for a fee, or to pick up the phone and call me.

Either way, they are leads that I have a fairly good chance of converting to paying customers. And that my friend is what it's all about.

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