Real Estate Agent Marketing Plan

Real estate agent marketing plan. A real estate agent without a marketing plan is like canoeing without a paddle.  By default you can travel downstream, but it's completely self defeating if you need to be heading upstream.

Similarly, many agents tread water, but never actually get anywhere and they drop out of the business and never connect not having a good real estate marketing plan with their poor results.  They don't fail because they aren't capable of succeeding, they fail because they never developed a plan.

So, my recommendation is formulate your own real estate agent marketing plan - today! Then, equip yourself with the tools, resources and knowledge to implement it.

It could be a real estate marketing system that shows how to convert expired listings to new ones, which happens to be one of the easiest ways I know of to get real estate listings. Plus, they're plentiful and easy to find.

Or, your real estate agent marketing plan could be a toll free lead generating system that captures the contact information of prospects who call you for information about your ads, listings and articles.  Once you've captured their information you can then contact them at your leisure.

Another option is a lead generating website with the bells and whistles to effectively market prospects and manage your sales and listings. Since more buyers and sellers are going on line to check out their respective real estate interests before contacting Realtors you must be prepared to work with better informed prospects. 

Consequently, if you don't know as much about Internet marketing as they do you may be disadvantaged to the point that they'll look for another, more Internet savvy agent.

A good real estate agent marketing plan is priceless. It's the roadmap for getting from where you are to where you want to go, with an emphasis on the intermediate stops along the way.

In conclusion there's no explanation for not having a real estate marketing plan.  They're not necessarily expensive, but they do require focus, commitment and "sticktoitness." All that's at stake is your future!

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