Real Estate Agent Marketing Tip

Real Estate Agent Marketing Tip #1.  Agents with good real estate marketing scripts tend to get more listings and make more sales than agents without them. Why? Because a good marketing script provides a template for success, and can be as effective for you as the person who developed it.

Some marketing scripts cost thousands of dollars, but that doesn't mean they're effective. Conversely, ohers are pretty cheap; but, cheap is as cheap gets, and you may end up wasting a little bit of money for a whole lot of nothing.

Here's a good and inexpensive one.

Log onto your Multiple Listing System service

  1. Print out an update report for the last month, or any time frame you want.
  2. Search specifically for the expired listings

Bam! The MLS update report will show you all of the expired listings for that report period and provide you with just about everything you need to convert these expired listings to new ones.

Real  Estate Agent Marketing Tip #2. Brand Marketing Yourself To Increased Profits! The most successful real estate agents look to market themselves in every ineteraction and at every opportunity - 24/7.  Simply stated, the more people you contact the sooner you brand yourself as an agent worthy of consideration. Are you doing this?

Real Estate Agent Marketing Tip #3. Effective Real Estate Agent Marketing Strategy! Simply being licensed is no longer enough, and there are no guaranteed shortcuts to success. However, a proven real estate agent marketing strategy can help you achieve the level of success you want. Learn what the successful agents in your office are doing, then adapt it to your personal style

Real Estate Agent Marketing Tip #4. Get A Real Estate Agent Website! More and more buyers and sellers go online to research their real estate interests before contacting a Realtor.  If you're not on-line they can't find you and you're losing business to your competitors.

Real Estate Agent Marketing Tip #4. Pre-written Real Estate Marketing Letters! Use pre-written marketing letters to free you up to do what you need to be doing the most - selling! 

Summarily, theses real estate marketing tips are a few of the many effective ways to increase your market share.  They're inexpensive, plain, simple, direct and to the point; but still make lasting impressions that result in increased business opportunities and more income.


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