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You can try to convince me otherwise, but I believe Real Estate Brochures and Flyers are under-utilized by many real estate agents. Some focus on the

latest high tech fad to their detriment by underestimating the effectiveness of flyers and brochures, but not me.  I'm all for using them. 

How? By farming expired listings, which I did passionately.  Whenever I got a listing I would make a flyer for it and send it to all of the agents who were members of the Multiple Listing System that I belonged to. 

It was an impressive one-two combination. I entered my listings into the MLS and then followed it up with a flyer to the MLS agents for their selling consideration.  I made it a point to put it in the hands of the Top Producers.

In today's market it's called "niche or targeted marketing", and in this instance the niche was other real estate agents.  They had the buyers and I had the listings.  Who better to target than them?

Then, about once a month, I'd update all of my listings on a brochure and mail it to the same agents in the say way...and for the same reason. I shared this strategy during listing presentations (and got listings because of it) and I also handed them out to people in and about the community to generate prospective buyers and even more listings!

The use of brochures and flyers positioned me as an agent that had it going on, one that buyers, sellers and investors could count on for their buying and selling needs. 

They also elevated me as an agent worth networking with.  I can't remember how many times agents would call me offering a listing that they weren't interested in that I either listed, sold to investors, or bought myself.  How's that for the power of flyers and brochures?

Summarily, brochures and flyers are pretty low tech - but are still powerfully effective marketing tools.

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