Real Estate Business Letters are....
Powerful Lead Generators

Real Estate Business Letters  - Most agents spend the earliest part of their career wondering what to do to generate leads.  Many end up doing the worst

thing possible - "nothing." 

Others, however, eventually wise up and realize that Real Estate Letters can have a positive impact on their success. 

While they sometimes generate immediate leads, letter writing campaigns can set you up rather nicely for intermediate to long term success.

Agents who tend to their mailing campaigns like a gardener to his crops are rewarded with a bounty of leads.  Those who sporadically mail letters have realize little fruit of their labor, assuming they have any at all.

Why Send Real Estate Letters???

There are three advantages to mailing real estate letters that should consider when deciding whether to engage in letter marketing campaigns or not.  Let's take a look at them to see how they can benefit you by increasing your market share and your income.

Real Estate Business Lettersreal estate business letters

1. Decreased Workload - This should be an obvious one, as once you've written one letter you can mass mail it until your heart is content. Plus, with just a little bit of imagination you can take one letter and generate scores of other letters from it. Once you've done the work once you can reap the benefits for as long as you're in the business.

2. Residual Payoffs - A thing about letters is that they can sit around a person's house for weeks before they get around to responding to them. And that's okay, because they still have more shelf life than a phone call, which can be forgotten just as soon as the call is ended. In fact, it's pretty common for prospects to call months after receiving letters, which I call "long tail marketing". The point here is to not get discouraged if you don't immediate results.

3. Increased Income - Real estate sales and marketing is a numbers game and a direct mail campaign can help you spread to hundreds of people that you can potentially leverage into leads that result in listings and sales. Fifty letters a day times five days a week will result in 250 contacts per week. How many leads are you generating right now?

Summarily, real estate letter marketing campaigns can help you increase your business, to generate more prospects, get more listings and earn more commissions.

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