Anatomy of A Real Estate Cover Letter

Writing an Effective Real Estate Cover Letter is part art and part science. The science portion is pretty straight-forward and can be easily taught. The art portion takes a bit of practice to get right.

Real Estate Cover Letter

For the purpose of this article lets say that there are three essential parts of a letter: a Headline,  the Letter Body and a Call To Action.  Let's consider each one individually.

Headline. With a headline you need to convey your point in as few words as possible.  Forget about your High School English teacher, because the goal now is not to show the world what a talented and eloquent writer you are, but rather to get a lead and convert that person into a paying customer.

In order to write a powerful headline you need to think like your prospect, to know which buttons to push, which words will excite them and which ones will put them to sleep.  But most of all, you have to know how to use those words to make it impossible for them not to want to read the remainder of the letter.

Letter Body.  The body of the letter is where you convey the information you want to share.  Start by repeating the exact headline at the top of the body of the letter. When you repeat the headline exactly, it reinforces the headline and reminds people why they are reading the letter in the first place and preparing them for the call to action.  

Call to Action.  The purpose of a Call to Action is to tell your readers exactly what you want them to do next. You should never assume that they already know what to do.  You need to design your Call to Action so that it takes them by the hand and leads them to where you want them to go.

When possible you should combine your Call to Action with a free offer. This takes the pressure to respond off of them. After all, you're not selling anything, you're giving something away.  Maybe it's a free real estate marketing report , or it could be entry into a drawing for a discounted commission offered to folk who list with you during a specific time frame.

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Recommended Real Estate Letters

A real estate sales letter is the unpaid, untiring salesmen for your product. Make them effective and they will reward you. If they are ineffective you are leaving lots of money on the table, or actually putting it into your competitors pockets. Want to start a letter mailing campaign today? Click here to see our Real Estate Letter Sets! 

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