Real Estate Farming Letters

Good news! Writing Effective Real Estate Farming Letters is a craft that can be learned. However, it takes time to perfect.  But here's the question.  Can you afford to wait that long?

Real Estate Farming Letters

Is your time better spent mailing letters, or writing them; showing properties or hunkered down at a keyboard struggling to put together a winning combination of words that will compel readers to respond with your most desired response?

Personally, I'm a big proponent of working smarter, not harder, and will outsource projects when it makes sense to do it. Consequently, I shop the internet for products, services and ideas to me increase my success as a marketer in order to make more sales and money!.  

And so it should be for you, too.  Why spend hours struggling to write mediocre letters when you can purchase good pre-written ones for a reasonable cost?

50 Power Real Estate Letters & Marketing Reports

50 Power Real Estate Letters PLUS Matching Reports

Some years ago I acquired resale rights to some real estate articles that I repurposed as letters and reports. 

First, I hired someone to re-write them to make them uniquely different and they did a great job, but I wanted better. 

So, I hired a second person to re-write the re-written letters of the first writer's letters to further improve them.  The result?  They knocked it out of the park and I ended up with These 50 Power Real Estate Letters with Matching Marketing Reports that are applicable to buyers and sellers. The reports are super versatile and perfect to be used as content for blogging, newsletters, email marketing and websites.

Expired Listing Letters

Expired Listing Letters

I wrote these expired listing letters out of desperation. I was a new agent on the verge of going broke when I convinced myself that I could be successful farming expired listings. 

So I wrote these letters and developed a system that I tweaked to effectiveness that enabled me to average 2 PLUS Listings a week.

Need I say more?  Okay, so I'll say this. You get to try them out and see if they'll work for you, too - Absolutely RISK FREE! 

So, if you want effective letters you can write your own, or you can defer to others who've already done the work for you and get some pre-written ones.  

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