Real Estate Farming Post Cards

Real Estate Farming Post Cards are great tools for serious real estate marketers, including new agents looking to establish a “name brand”, veteran

agents wanting more business and top producing agents looking to keep their marketing machines humming like sewing machines!

Have you ever received a high gloss post card with an intriguing design that you didn’t at least take a peek at? Of course you have – I have, too! Everybody does it because that’s the universal appeal of post cards.

And that is exactly why you should be marketing real estate with them! I call it the “curiosity” factor.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t coin the phrase, but the “curiosity factor” is a powerful description of why real estate marketing post cards work when other strategies fail. It can help you get your marketing messages across when letters, flyers and brochures don’t!

We’re taught from an early age not to judge a book by its cover, but that’s just what prospects do with real estate farming post cards. If the design and layout is colorful and appealing post cards will hold their attention for at least 10-20 seconds, long enough to expose them to your marketing message, which is the point of the post card marketing campaign to begin with!

Another nice thing about real estate farming post cards, or any other post cards for that matter, is that unlike letters that you have to open, your marketing message is in plain view just as soon as the post cards are taken out of the mailboxes.

Three Ways To Get Real Estate Farming Post Cards

On Line Services. There are quite a few places on the Internet where you can go to and design your post cards. Some online services will mail your order to you, or postage and mail them to your mailing list for an addition fee!

Once you’ve designed your post card you can do as little or as much of the grunt work as you please, an attractive option for agents with more money than time.

Software Packages. If you like the idea of owning post card building software programs this might be the option for you. You can design and print professional quality products that are as attractive and effective as those done by professional printers.

Personally, I like this option because once you purchase the software you can design and print until your hearts content.

Off Line Printers. Going to your local neighborhood printer is a tried and true method with all of the conveniences a local printer can offer; easy access for designing consultation, proofing, managing changes to the work order, etc.

In the end, postcards can give any marketing plan a burst of energy, activity and results. So, if you’re looking at “name branding”, or are trying to breathe new life into your career, a post card real estate marketing plan may be just what the doctor ordered to ratchet your business up a notch or two!

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