Real Estate Flyer Samples

Real Estate Flyer Samples. I like free things and thought you might, too. So, here is some information about some of my favorite free flyer templates.

Before I share them with you I want to ask you a question..."Are you tired of seeing other agents generate leads and listings seemingly with ease, one after another, while you struggle to get just one or two?

Well, you too can achieve the same level of success as them.  You just need to now their secret.

Interestingly enough, for some it's lyer marketing. Specifically, creating, making and distributing visually engaging flyers that help them get a leg up on their competition. 

Design, Print and Distribution

Designing your flyer doesn't have to cost a single dime when use Free Real Estate Sample Flyers; flyers that can be easily personalized and customized to reflect your personal information and marketing angle.  Cost so far? None!

Printing costs can be a no cost proposition, too.  Use your home and/or office computer and printer printer to minimize expenses!  There's nothing to say that you have to spend money at a print shop instead of using your home or office printer.  Plus, the quality of the print will be good enough generate good exposure for little money.

Cost so far? Free!  But no more than $20.00 if you are truly out of ink and don't have a ream of paper.

Finally, it's distribution time! Here's where you need to have a good plan and do some target marketing.  If you have an affordable starter home you might put flyers on the windshields of automobiles in apartment complexes.  When designed right your flyers will generate calls.

You can also place flyers on automobiles parked in student housing complexes, and in parking lots of  local colleges and universities, on bulletin boards, etc.

For low to mid priced homes you might go to shopping centers, grocery stores and office complexes to place flyers on automobiles.

A great time to distribute flyers like this is during sporting events, local and college.  Distributing flyers during any sporting event is a business building opportunity - basketball, football, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, etc.  The point here is that you're probably thinking in the box like other agents and have not taken advantage of any of these marketing opportunities.  Am I right?

If you have a high end home I suggest you go with a targeted mailing list and use a professional printer (Target Printing, Kinkos, etc.).  If you want a Million Dollar Listing you have to have a Million Dollar Marketing Materials, but nobody needs to know that it cost you nearly nothing t design and create it. 

  • $30.00 for printing 100 color flyers @ 30 cents each
  • $41.00 in postage for 100 flyers @ 41 cents each
  • $30.00 or so for a mailing list.  This part won't cost you a dime if you gather your names and addresses yourself.  Go to the yellow pages to get the names and addresses of doctors, lawyers, judges, dentists, college chairs and department heads yourself.  You may have to use the telephone to get some of this information.

Now, Prepare for Some Business
You may not sell the listing you advertise, but the more flyers you distribute the more leads you'll generate.  I can get excited about the idea of distributing a couple hundred flyers every weekend knowing that the more I distribute the more calls I'll get.  Can you?

Remember to use your sequential auto responders to cultivate relationships with your prospects. 

You can also use this same strategy for soliciting buyers without using a listing.  For example, your flyer could say something along the lines of "Tired of Renting?  Then let me show you how to buy a home. Email today for a Special Report on just how easy it is.  Or, call me at 222-222-2222 for a no pressure consultation." Think you'll get some folk interested with a flyer like that? I do!

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You now know how to market to hundreds of prospects every week using free real estate flyer samples - at little cost.  All that's left now is to do it.

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