Real Estate Introduction Letter

A Good Real Estate Introduction Letter Opens Many Doors

It's a fact! People enjoy receiving and opening letters. With effective opening statements, letters can grab their attention and entice them to read and learn more about what you have to say. That's why I remain an advocate of letter writing campaigns, and am particularly partial to sending letters to Expired Listings and FSBOs.

Real Estate Agent Introduction Letter

As you know, generating real estate leads on a regular basis  is hard work, even for veteran agents. However, marketing your services via Real Estate Letters can be an easy, effective ways to generate renewable sources of leads.

Benefits Of Building A Business Mailing Letters

Real Estate Introduction Letters are easy to find and although mailing them is a seemingly passive activity the results can be outstanding. With the right letters and approach you can establish a lead generating system that won't quit on you until you quit on it.

Many agents assume that other agents have letter mailing campaigns. Although some are, most don't do it systematically - week after week, month after month.

Go ahead... and ask around your office to see how many agents are consistently mailing letters, how they're doing it and for how long. Chances are few do it and even fewer have been doing it for a long period of time.

Letters can be very versatile. Of course you can use them by mailing them through the US Postal Service, but you can also use them in email messages and autoresponders.

I'm partial to sequential autoresponders myself, because once you load them they'll market your listings and services 24/7, month after month - year after year. It's a real estate agent's version of do the work once and reap the benefits forever. Autoresponders make for effective real estate marketing online solutions.

Real Estate Marketing Talk

Today's agents are turning to pre-written letters as a quick , easy, effective way to begin letter writing campaigns. And why not? Good  can often be used "as is" and ready for immediate use.

Select the one that best reflects what you want to say to your readers, spend a few minutes personalizing it and it's ready for mailing. And they're a perfect way to elicit immediate action. By ending your letter with a strong statement, such as "Pick Up the Phone and Call Now" you can prompt your readers to act quickly.

If someone could wave a magic wand and make the tedious task of finding leads simple and easy, would you go for it? I certainly would...and with no questions asked! If that wand isn't a real estate introduction letter with follow up letters what is?


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