Real Estate Introduction Letters

Trying to get more leads?  Need to make 3-4 sales in the next couple of months?  Then try a direct mail campaign with Real Estate Introduction Letters.  They're also effective in drip mail campaigns. At some level you know you need to be mailing letters, but aren't least not yet.  

I'll also wager that writing is not one of your strengths and that's why you're looking for pre written letters.  Well, look no more.  You'll find professional, lead generating real estate letters of nearly every kind right here; like these...

Maybe you've written dozens of real estate introduction letters, or maybe you are just starting to work on your very first sales letter. Whatever the case, keeping abreast of the information needed to craft a successful sales letter is the key to creating letters that make sales.

Things to Include In Your Letters

If you already know that you want to introduce your services, outline the features and benefits, compare your service to your competitor's, and convince customers to make a purchase, you're doing well. But there is another technique that can be used to develop more successful sales's called niche marketing.

Niche Marketing; Targeting Your Customers

Target Marketing

Niche marketing is a more focused form of marketing that concentrates on one specific segment of a larger market.

When you select a niche, you are essentially looking at the potential customers in your field and narrowing your marketing efforts to target only a segment of these potential customers.

Potential Real Estate Niche Markets

fsbos  *  first time home buyers *  empty nesters *  renters * college students  *  medical students *  expired listings  *  etc...

and with a little imagination, you can develop your own niches.

Summarily, using real estate introduction letters to develop a niche market can mean more qualified leads, which leads to more sales.

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