Real Estate Lead Generation System

Do you believe Agents with Real Estate Lead Generation Systems are typically the ones who have the most successful careers? I do, and if you're like most you're like them, too! You probably need more leads than you currently have and/or generate on a recurring basis.

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And although there are a multitude of ways to generate leads chances are you are good about reading them, but terrible on implementation!

Top 6 Real Estate Lead Generation Sources

Below is a video titled "Top 6 Real Estate Lead Generation Sources (Tom Ferry) - 2011 Prudential Conference". It talks about the importance of diversifying your lead generation channels in six ways:  1) Past Clients in Your Sphere of Influence 2) a Geographic Farm area of 500 People 3) Online Strategies 4) Being Social and Meeting More People 5)Passive Expired Listings & 6) Holding Open Houses. Basically, it's information learned in a Tom Ferry workshop. Here it is!

7 Steps To Craigslist Real Estate Lead Generation

Here's one more video before you go. This one is "7 Steps To Craigslist Real Estate Lead Generation". Ideas include the usual suspects, like 1) Choose a Strategy 2)Target a Niche Market 3) Create a Schedule and 4 four more steps. Although it speaks to basic marketing strategies, there are enough agents out there who don't have the basic knowledge to market even simple campaigns. However, the information is equally beneficial to seasoned salespersons.

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That's it for now! Here's To Your Real Estate Marketing Success!

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