Is One Real Estate Lead as Good as Another?

Is one real estate lead as good as another? If your answer is "yes" you're wrong! In fact, not all leads are worth pursuing.

As a real estate agent, or related professional, your focus should be on developing a constant stream of good, quality leads and prospects. Leads that are likely to give you your desired outcome, whether it’s a listing, a sale, subscription to your mailing list, etc.

A niche market that I have successfully worked nurses; LPNs and RNs. Nurses are always in demand, consequently they command good to excellent salaries and can afford homes, even in the worst of economic times.

One way to source them is to place flyers on billboards in and around hospitals, nursing homes, etc. You can also offer to hold on site, homeowner workshops for hospitals and related agencies as a service to their employees. If they hear that you'll be extending the same offer to their competitors that may jump at the chance to take you up on the offer before their competitors do.

Additionally, you can get the names and mailing addresses of nurses from state licensing websites for free. For example, if you live in Florida you can get the names and addresses of LPNs in any county you want.

Take Marion County, Florida for example. Right now there are more than 1200 active, licensed LPNs that you could be actively marketing with little competition; or you can pretend that you never read this lead generation idea and do nothing and leave the market untapped as it is now.

So,do you still think one lead is as good as another?

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