Real Estate Leads, Free Ones Can Outperform Paid Ones

Real Estate Leads, Free Ones in particular, can be a career changer for many agents, especially newbies.

real estate leads free

A vast number of them have no leads and make way too few sales.  The lack of business is so dire they're usually only a few weeks from having to hang up their real estate licenses in order to get real jobs, which is a shame because free leads are jut a thought away.

Lead Generation Campaigns Aren't For Quick Sales

The aim of any lead generation campaign is not to make immediate sales, but to build a mailing list so that you can make future sales. Internet Marketers often say "the money is in the list"; savvy Real Estate Agents are saying the same thing, as a list of responsive buying customers that trust you is a valuable commodity!

Arguably, email marketing is free to a degree, although it costs you in terms of your time. The thought behind it is that by using a "hook", such as a free report or some other incentive, you can "funnel" interested parties to specific products and services.

Free Email Marketing Leads

When you consider generating leads via an email campaign there are basically three avenues you can explore: email signatures, joint ventures and safe lists. One word of warning though - avoid spamming at all cost, as one spam complaint can seriously damage your reputation.

You should familiarize yourself with the laws concerning spam, and at the very least ensure include a "click here to unsubscribe" link in ALL your marketing emails. It is advisable to avoid buying leads, unless you know the company is credible with a sterling reputation.

In its simplest form, email marketing can be as easy as putting a signature in all your email messages that contain a link to your website's main page.

If you are looking to grow your list quickly then a joint venture (JV) might be in order. In its simplest form, you're looking for an arrangement that is mutually beneficial to all parties. An outcome of the JV could be getting the emails of your fellow marketer's customers, so you can mail them with future offers.

When considering a joint venture there are many considerations you have to think about, but the main one, before you consider contacting anyone about mailing to their list, is "what's in it for THEM", not "what's in it for me". NEVER write to a fellow marketer unless you can offer them something of value in return for their help... be inventive!

Three other popular lead generation ideas are...

to be a guest blogger on other websites, submit articles to ezine publishers and article directories, sponsor a fundraiser for a local non-profit organization.

No matter what lead generation techniques you employ you will need a way to capture your leads email address when they arrive at your site. The usual way is via a subscription box that generally contains a small amount of information about the product or service you are selling as a "teaser" for the sign up form, with a message like "to find out more simply fill in the form to be immediately directed to further details on this amazing product".

Finally, no matter how you generate Real Estate Leads, Free or otherwise, there is one thing to always bear in mind, and that is this. To maximize outcomes it's best to focus on a targeted audience. For example, if you are promoting condos, then there's no use advertising on a site that is all about sky diving!

You can see our comprehensive list of free lead generation ideas here.

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