Real Estate Listing Leads

by Lanard Perry
(Sunny Florida)

Real Estate Listing Leads Are All Around You

Real Estate Listing Leads Are All Around You

Here's one of my favorite ideas for generating real estate listing leads that I've previously mentioned elsewhere on "Real Estate Marketing Talk".

But pay attention, even if you've previously read it, because it can potentially help you sell and/or get a listing this month.

Plus, it's so simple you can easily duplicate it over and over again and it will only cost pennies to implement.

The idea resolves around the strategy of hosting successful "open houses", even if you don't personally have any listings.

Stop! Please don't be too quick to dismiss the idea because you are neither enamored with the idea of holding open houses, or you don't have any listings to hold open houses for. You can still do's how!

As far as liking the idea of hosting open houses I can't think of a better opportunity for getting before lots of targeted buyers in a single day...can you?

Here's a link to a page that shows the Key Elements of hosting Successful Open Houses. They'll seem reasonable enough when you read them, but I'll assure you that many agents holding open houses miss at least a few of them to their detriment.

And With respect to not having any listings to have open houses don't need any, because there are plenty of agents who'll trip all over themselves to allow you to open house their listings.

Talk to them...tell them that you're trying to generate leads and want to open house for one of their listings. And if they're the least bit smart they'll say yes before you can finish asking the question. I've not met an agent yet with a listing who turned down this offer.

And why would they when it means that they'll be getting additional help marketing and potentially selling their listings? It's what agents dream of...recruiting others to work for them who put commissions in their bank accounts.

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Leads, Listings and Leverage
by: Lanard

Here's a video that I think you'll like. It's about 6 minutes longer, which is longer than what the average reader will watch. However, it's got great content for new and relatively new agents that will serve to motivate, inspire and help them focus them on that which is of most importance...time!

Time in the sense that you can spend an hour running down a buyer lead and that you may or may not sell a property to; or, you can spend an hour getting a listing lead that every agent in your MLS System can try to help you sell.

So. which one do you think your time will be best spent on.

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