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How Many Listings Do You Want Today?

Real Estate Listing Letters. You might say you want listings, but are you willing to work to get them?  Well, it becomes easier to do when you buy, copy and edit pre-written letters that have endured the course of time.

Like with this This Twelve Letter Set.  It includes a variety of letters designed to source buyers and sellers at the same time, PLUS develop multiple lead channels for different types of leads; including FSBOs, Vacant Properties, Commercial Listings, etc. So, if one lead source dries up you'll still have others.  

Here's What You'll Get

4 Expired Listing Letters - this set includes a lead off letter and 3 follow up letters.  Use them consistently and you could become known in your community as an Expired Listing Specialist

1 Absentee Property Owner Letter - this letter is appropriate for any property where the owner resides out of town.  The properties could be rented or vacant.  An easy way to find them is to look at the tax roll for out of town mailing addresses. There's little competition for these type leads.

1 Business Letter  - this letter gives you the confidence to go after expired business listings and win them...and in most communities commissions on businesses are more than those on residential properties.

1 Commercial Property Letter - the thing I like most about commercial properties is that the commissions are huge...and with this letter you have as good a chance getting a listing on an expired commercial property as anyone else.

1 Generic Farming Letter - select an area and start mailing this letter today.  It's a great ice breaker and can sometimes get your foot in the door with some sellers.  I didn't use this one much, as I preferred pursuing Expired Listings, FSBOs and Vacant Property Listings.  Still it was nice to have when I needed it.

1 Vacant Property Letter - write down the address of every vacant property you encounter, look up the owner's name and mailing address and then mail them a letter. Works like a charm because there's little competition for them.

1 Favorable Interest Rate Letter - this letter is tweaked to reflect current market mortgage loan rates.  When they're favorable, like today,  you can use it to inform buyers and sellers that  now is a good time to buy and or sell.

1 FSBO Letter - the way to use this letter is to write down the address of every FSBO you pass and then look up the owners name and mailing address in your local tax record database...and then mail them letters. 

1 Thank You For Your Business Letter - a good followup letter to past clients can result in leads and referrals from them. One past client can result in multiple sales if you work them properly.

Finally, you'll also receive a couple of other special documents that make it easy to track and record your activites and update your customers.

Ready For The Next Level of Business?

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The documents are Microsoft Word Documents and are delivered immediately via zip file. WinZip is required to open it, which you can get for free at if you need it.

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