Real Estate Marketing Flyer - Thinking Outside of The Box

A Real Estate Marketing Flyer Campaign initiated today can generate business for you tomorrow. Might you be interested in immediate gratification like this... something that will increase your opportunity for leads and sales this quickly?

real estate marketing flyer

Well, it’s no joke, but like any idea, you have to do something to make it happen. - you have to act!

Flyers can help you build your business and brand pretty quickly. They’re versatile, relatively inexpensive to create and distribute, and can be used in a variety of ways. Following are a few of them.

Action To Take When You Get A New Listing

Some agents use distribute Real Estate Marketing Flyers when they get new listings. Their routine is to get a listing, make up flyers and place them in the listings/homes so that potential buyers will have something by which to remember their listings. They also mail real estate flyers out to prospective buyers to announce new listings.

You can do this, too but you should go a step further. As a matter of routine practice you should send flyers to other agents whenever you get a new listing. Get a listing, send a flyer. When you get a listing they should get a flyer.

It's pretty repetitive, which is exactly why you should do it, Repetition is key in establishing rapport with your leads needed to nurture transactions.

You should also send other agents a "master flyer", if you will, one with all of your listings on it. After all, they have prospective buyers, and if you're not marketing to them you're missing the boat and the ship is sailing without you.

Here's What's Going To Happen

It's really pretty simple.  When you start sending out your flyers here's what it's going to do for you.

  • You 'll be recognized by your peers as a "listing agent"
  • You'll get "top selling agents" involved in helping you sell your listings
  • From time to time other agents will call and offer you listings/investment opportunities they aren't interested in (you'll be amazed at how often this happens)
  • You'll get and sell more listings

Real Estate Marketing Flyer - One Size Fits All! 
A Good Approach?

Hardly!  Yes, you can use a one flyer fits all approach to post, email, snail mail, hand out and distribute in a multitude of other ways to your target audience. Or, you can tweak them to better target a specific population; like tenants, condo owners, move up buyers, 1st time buyers, etc.

The Challenge -
Actually, It's More Like YOUR Challenge!

You need to generate leads, every agent does: sellers to get listings and prospects to buy them... while taking advantage of every opportunity to brand yourself at the same time. Here are a few possibilities that will get the job done! 

1) Use a real estate marketing flyer like you do your Business Card; include your email address, phone number and website address. Always include information that makes it easy for someone to get in touch with you.

2) Don't have any listings! Don't worry about it... but if you do this today you can expect a pickup in business tomorrow. 

  • Identify a house in your MLS that you'd like to sell
  •  make a flyer for it and distribute it to potential buyers (email to your list, post on your website and/or social media pages, hand out at various social gathering events (fairs, games, neighborhood gatherings, place on bulletin boards, etc.).

    A variation of this idea to announce a $2 million dollar listing to a $750,000.00 neighborhood (by sending a flyer). Get the idea? I hope so, because it's worth it's weight in gold!

In closing, a Real Estate Marketing Flyer campaign is a great way to build your brand, promote your services, generate prospects and make sales... even when you don't have listings of your own.

Need Some Good Real Estate Marketing Flyer Templates?

Try These! They're pretty awesome and will make you look like a million dollars!  Now, go get some leads. Get started today!

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