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The "Real Estate Biz Tips" Real Estate Marketing Newsletter is first and foremost a newsletter for real estate agents. It highlights tips, tools, resources and strategies to help real estate agents to increase their earnings...and many do.

However, it also is a good resource for buyers, sellers, investors and other professionals associated with the real estate industry; eg., bankers, mortgage lenders, title and closing companies, appraisers, moving companies, relocation companies, etc.

Real Estate Marketing Newsletters are fairly prolific and you can probably find 100 more newspapers as easily as you found this one. However, a major difference between them and Real Estate Biz Tips is that I (owner, editor and overall do everything guy) won't be sweating you about buying something all the time.

Instead, my approach is to find useful information and share it with you. What you do beyond that is entirely up to you..

Here's more of what you can expect to find based on your stake in the real estate market.

Sellers can learn ways to make their homes more marketable, in both good and bad times. They can learn how to make a $300.00 cosmetic improvement and increase the value of their homes by $3,000.00.

Buyers can learn how to buy real estate at discounted rates, including fsbos, foreclosures, bank reos, etc.

Investors will discover strategies for buying and flipping properties, seemingly almost at will.

And banks,mortgage lenders, appraisers and related professionals will find lots of pre written real estate marketing reports and website content that can be instantly added to their websites. The more content on a website the more favored it is by search engines and human visitors.

Having said all of this I'd be honored to welcome you to my Real Estate Marketing Newsletter family.

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