Real Estate Marketing Script

An agent with a good real estate marketing script can get a lot of listings, make lots of sales, or both.

real estate marketing script

That's because good marketing scripts provide a pattern to achieve the desired results, and can be as effective for you as the folk who developed them.

Marketing scripts can cost thousands of dollars, but that doesn't mean they're effective. On the other hand, some scripts are pretty cheap; but cheap isn't necessarily the best approach to take, as you could end up wasting a little bit of money for a whole lot of nothing.

My personal  real estate marketing script shows you how to convert expired listings to new ones and is the easiest way I know of to get real estate listings.  Plus, expired listings are plentiful and easy to find. Let me show you what I mean!

Log onto your Multiple Listing System service

  1. Print out an update report for the last month, or any time frame you want.
  2. Search specifically for the expired listings

Bam! The MLS update report will show you all of the expired listings for that report period and provide you with just about everything you need to know to re-list expired real estate listings. You can get the seller's

  • name
  • mailing address
  • property address
  • phone number
  • type of property
  • current asking price
  • price reductions during the listing period
  • how much the taxes are
  • and anything else that you even think you might want to know about these properties.

The nicest thing about the farming expired listings real estate marketing script is that you target only known prospects interested in selling their properties.

Unlike fsbos, cold calls and other marketing scripts, most owners of expired listings are warm, responsive, and still Realtor friendly. They are already sold on the idea of doing business with a real estate agent again, and if you have a good script you can convert them to your client just as easily as another agent.

The most successful real estate agents have lots of listings, and although getting them can be challenging it becomes easier to do with expired listing letters and scripts.  I generated 2 plus listings a week using the scripts below and eventually got to the point where I didn't even have to followup with phone calls.  Check out the links below to read more about them.

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That's it for now. Now, go out and get some listings.  Here's to your Real Estate Marketing Success!

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