Real Estate Marketing Tip #8 -
Farm Buyers Without Having Listings

Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but Real Estate Marketing Tip #8 - Farming Buyers Without Having Listings is not only possible, it's profitable, too. 

I'm not speaking about something I've read or heard about, I've done it many times, and would like to share the concept with you.

Many new agents stress over getting leads, and get caught up in the circular thinking of how can you get listings without buyers and buyers without listings.

That kind of thinking paralyzes them and no matter how they try they can't shake the faulty thinking.

Faulty?  Absolutely, because they can successfully prospect for buyers all day long without having a single listing of their own. I did it using real estate flyers.  Here's how to do it.

Make a flyer that says something along the lines of...

Tired of Throwing Your Money Away On Rent?
Let Me Show You How Easy It Is To Become a Homeowner
Pay The Same or Less In Mortgage Payments Verses Rent
Call Today For a Confidential, No Obligation Consultation To Learn How!
The First Five Callers Get a FREE Home Buying Report.
Your Name & Phone Number

Once your satisfied with the way your flyer reads make about 100 copies, 2 ads per single sheet of paper (8.5x11), so that 50 sheets yields 100 copies.

Next, distribute them in places were large numbers of people gather on weekends (shopping centers, malls, and grocery stores are some of my favorite places).

A variation of this is to make flyers for a hot listing, even if it's someone else’s; and/or flyers asking sellers if they're interested in selling.

Then there's the email marketing variation of the same idea where people can request additional information by emailing you, which of course you set up in a sequential auto-responder.

If you already have a computer, printer and paper you can print and distribute several hundred flyers this weekend and it won't cost you a dime.

So what kind of response can you expect?  Let's say around 10% with perhaps a sale coming out of it, which wouldn't be bad for a weekend haul.

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