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Some agents complicate the idea of using Real Estate News Letters to the point that they never use them.  They imagine them as being too difficult to do themselves and too expensive to pay someone to do it for them.  So, they never create their own newsletters and therefore miss out on what newsletters can do for their business.   

A couple of years ago I discovered that  pre written real estate articles and marketing reports  make great real estate newsletters.  And why not?  Buyers, sellers and investors want pertinent, useful information and don't give a hoot about whether you wrote them or not.  All they care about is whether the information is helpful.

And  Real Estate News Letters can be simple... sometimes the simpler the better.  For example, using pre written real estate articles and emailing it "as is" as a newsletter is more effective than newsletters coming from professional publishers and they can much more affordable.  

I personally purchase lots of pre written content with reprinting rights on a monthly basis...always with an eye for how to use the information in future newsletters,  Sometimes I'll buy it without a specific purpose in mind, but will feel confident that somewhere along the way I'll eventually incorporate them into my overall marketing plan. .

For example, here are hundreds of  articles and reports available for instant download and immediate use.  They cover everything from "how to select a realtor" to an explanation of "what a real estate closing is and what to expect at one." 

And then there's the difference between using Real Estate News Letters in direct mail campaigns verses emailing.  Of course everybody knows how to put stamps on newsletters and mail them, but you probably don't know that emailing e newsletters is almost as simple.

But e newsletters have many advantages over printed newsletters, with the biggest advantage being cost and expediency.  There are no printing or postage costs for emailing electronic news letters and they can be fully automated to be sent out whenever you schedule them -and as often or as little as you like.  This latter is through sequential auto responders.

The auto responder service that I use has a FREE Trial Service where you get to try it out with no cost or obligation.  During the trial period you can experience first hand the power of sequential responders and how they can help you get more listings and close more sales. 

I also discovered a company that allows you to easily customize your own Real Estate News Letters.  I've not personally used the service as I'm 110% happy with the service I use, but you might want an option.  The information on its website says that it has been in business for 15 years.  It seems to be specially geared to help realtors and mortgage professionals and it offers the option of hard copy and/or email format.  Visit now if you're interested in learning more about them.

Summarily, Real Estate News Letters are simple and easy to implement and the sooner you get started the sooner you'll develop a list of subscribers eager to hear from you from month to month.  And it's through this specific channel of communication that you'll begin converting your readers to paying customers who buy and sell through you when they're ready to act on their real estate needs.

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