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Real Estate Post Card Marketing is a process, not an event. Still, some agents expect immediate results.  Somehow they get it in their heads that just because they want it they'll get it. But that's not how it works - at least not for me and the scores of agents I've known throughout the years. 

There's not a whole lot of things that happen fast in real estate, so if you want immediate results and instant gratification you'll be disappointed.

Instead, you're better served when you 1)identify a niche 2) adopt a strategy 3)implement it and 4) stick to it.

Niche Marketing. Everywhere you look these days you either see, read, or hear the term "niche marketing."  Simply stated, niche marketing is where you take a small piece of something bigger and specialize in it. 

For example, instead of going after every conceivable listing and prospect go after a smaller segment of it; like FSBOs, Expired Listings, step down sellers, and the like.

Adopting a Strategy. Once you have established a niche market that you want to conquer you need a strategy to do it.  One way is to wage real estate post card marketing campaigns. 

But remember, a one time mailing is a waste of your time and money. And in order to be successful you have to have a regular mailing strategy; like once a month.

Realtor Post Cards are easier than ever before to design, build and mail; so there's absolutely no reason not to do it.  You can read about three free to nearly free design and build services at my Real Estate Post Cards Main Page.

Implementation. As the saying goes, all that's left to do is "Just Do It." However, this is where many agents get stuck and left behind, while others seize the moment and forge ahead; separating themselves from the herd of agents who are bound to be looking for another career pretty soon.

Stick With It. Once you've implemented your strategy you have to repeat your process and let nothing prevent you from doing it...I mean nothing.  It's not always going to be easy, convenient, or fun; but the reward will come.

At first your results might seem like a trickle, near meaningless.  But remember, you're building a business and very few business are overnight successes, when in fact it's the exact can take years to grow a profitable business.  Which makes me wonder even more about agents who think they can be successful without putting in the time, money and effort needed to be successful.

Summation. If you want to be successful expect to spend money to do it, or perish. You need to educate yourself, have a strategy for being successful and a means of implementing it...and all cost money.

"When it's all said and done the reason I like real estate post card marketing is because it's easy to do and it works."

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