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Real Estate Referral Lead.  Imagine, if you can, having a referral marketing system that serves up one lead after another; one so diverse

and multi-dimensional that you could elevate your business to never going lacking of leads again. 

And what if I told you that instead 2-3 lead generation sources your system could span fifty or more Real Estate Lead Referral sources. 

Well, that's exactly what you'll discover here, as the article below is about how to identify, design and create a  kick butt multi-faceted Real Estate Referral Lead System; one that can be an unending source of regenerative leads.  Enjoy!

Increase $$$ Through Targeted Real Estate Referral Leads

How To Create a Complete Referral Marketing System 
By John Jantsch

These steps are taken from the Referral Flood Marketing Program. Referral Flood is an insider’s shortcut to referral marketing and features over 4 hours of audio training, 54 real-world referral marketing systems, and a host of referral marketing tools, letters, postcards and forms.

Step #1 - Create a referral target market(s) – you must create a target list of companies and individuals who can be motivated to refer. This can be clients or a network of related businesses.

Step #2 – Identify your ideal referral client – In order to receive high quality referrals you must be able to quickly communicate the exact type of person or business that makes a great referral.

Step #3 – Create and communicate your core referral message – you must be able to easily explain the value you can bring to anyone who is referred. “We show estate attorneys how to become famous.”

Step #4 – Design a referral education system – When you meet with a potential referral source you can substantially increase the number and quality of referrals if you systematically educate them on: Who makes a great referral, what’s in it for them to provide a referral, how to refer you, and the exact steps you plan to take with that referral

Step #5 – Outline your referral lead offer and system – this is the heart and soul of the system. This is where you devise the creative offer that makes people want to refer you. Example: Earn a 100% refund on your tax return preparation when you refer 4 people who become clients.”

Step #6 – Create a referral conversion strategy – what good are referral leads if they don’t become referral clients? You must map out a specific set of steps that will allow you to convert your referral leads. What do you do with a lead when the phone rings?

Step #7 – Identify a referral follow-up strategy – to bring your referral system full circle you need to devise two follow-up steps. 1) a way to continue to market to your referral leads that don’t immediately turn into clients and 2) a way to systematically communicate the progress of a referral back to your referral sources to keep them motivated.

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John Jantsch is a marketing coach and creator of the Duct Tape Marketing System. You can get more information about the Duct Tape System and download your free copy of “How To Create the Ultimate Small Business Marketing System in 7 Simple Steps” by visiting

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"A real estate referral lead system can be an unending source of leads. And it's pretty easy to get started."

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