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Real Estate Web Site Leads; Three Ideas for Online Maketing Success

Want to generate more Real Estate Web Site Leads? Here's how.

STEP ONE - Focus On a Specific Audience
Decide precisely what you want your web site to be about.  Do you want to capture prospective buyers, sellers, investors, or tenants? 

Be specific in your approach and if you confine your marketing reach to your geographic area, verses world wide, you stand a good chance of establishing an appreciable online presence.

The more specific your target market is the better your leads will be. Don't try to do too much - a single niche market may be all you need to produce all the leads you want.  And if you want to market to multiple targeted groups you might be better off having several different websites - one for each group. And with the price of website these days this is an affordable option.

STEP TWO - Provide Great Content (Quality and Quantity)
Fill your site with lots of content. The information you provide should be specific to your targeted audience. You may need to personally write the main pages yourself, but there are pre-written articles that will help you fill out your web site quickly. Some good, affordable content can be found here.  

Be sure to add articles and information to your site on a regular basis, preferably weekly. That will get people coming back to your site and it will also make sure the search engines notice and visit your site often, too.

STEP THREE - Give and Get Links To Your Site
Get links from other relevant sites; those that are related to anything related to real estate; banks, finance companies, mortgage lenders, title companies, appraisers, etc.  This helps to validate yours as being credible amongst your industry co-professionals, which in turn

You also want to get back links from high PR Ranked Websites like Ezine Articles, and a fast way to do this is write and submit a a few articles to it. I've been doing it for years now and have approximately 90 articles in its directory with links back to my sites.

Right now I actively manage 5 websites and generate a respectable number of leads per week with them.  I use forms on my websites to capture leads, auto responders to followup on them and newsletters to engage and establish relationships with them. It's an effective combination and while it takes a good amount of time to manage them well it pays off with leads that convert to buyers and sellers.

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