Realflyer - A Nice Alternative To Design and Create Your Own Real Estate Flyers

I've not used REALflyer (RF) yet, but its website intrigues me, mainly because I’m a sucker for the features and benefits it describes on its home

page… especially the part about ease of use.

Maybe Edwin, the owner of the site, will let me try it sometime soon.

RF offers a design and print format similar to the Real Estate Flyer Software that I recommend, which I have tried...and that would be Turnkeyflyers.

Like Turnkeyflyers, RF reportedly gives you a real time look at what your flyers look like on your computer prior to you ever printing or ordering them.

Appreciatively, there is no software to buy or download.

All you have to do is enter your desired text and upload the pictures you want to use! And in my mind that always rates a double thumbs up.

I don't know about you, but I hate installing software because no matter how simple it is it never seems to be simple enough.

Consequently, "ease of use" and "nothing to "install" gets my attention every time.

Some of RF's Described Key Features include:

  • A fully automated service that makes ordering online a fast process.
  • Access to a large selection of templates
  • The ability to easily resize & crop photos
  • A spell check feature to ensure that your flyers look as professional as they can
  • Instant proofing of flyers for immediate online approval
  • Choose from a variety of “high gloss” cover paper
  • Same day and next day delivery

RF's "About Us" page says it "is the pioneer of a unique method of integrating a web-based interface for the instant design of printed materials, with an automated back-end for printing and fulfillment. REALflyer is committed to providing a world class service that helps its customers maximize their marketing opportunities.”

That's about it for now.  If you try RF please let me know what your experince is and I'll be happy to include it on this page. 

Until then, and because I'm a creature of habit when it comes to products and services that saves time while helping me make money, I recommend you take a look at Turnkeyflyers.

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