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< REM Talk Newsletter, Issue #001 -- Making Marketing Fun
July 19, 2021

Real Estate Marketing Talk Newsletter brings you the latest marketing tips, tools, and strategies to help you grow your business!

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In This Issue...

Real Estate Prospecting Letters - Letter writing campaigns can generate leads and propel readers to action. But you already know that! You may also know from firsthand experience that writing them can be incredibly hard, while acquiring effective ones is relatively easy! With the click of a mouse, you can have access to dozens of effective letter templates ready for immediate download and use for a moderate price... like some of the letters found at Real Estate Marketing Talk. Read more here

Real Estate Open House Flyers -- Marketing With Real Estate Open House Flyers is a quick way to generate new business.. and you can start this weekend! Good turnouts can mean more leads, listings and sales... and just to say it, "poor ones can, too!" Discover a step by step roadmap for increasing the success of your next Open House event, or for some of you, your very first one. Get ready to be impressed! Read more here

Real Estate Buyer Leads -- You can generate Real Estate Buyer Leads almost any time you want to. NO, I'm not kidding; but before you do you have to change three things...your attitude, mindset and work ethic. For example, do you know that you can generate prospects by marketing listings of other agents? It's true, but it's something that is overlooked by every agent that I know...yet, it's as obvious as the nose on your face. Read more here

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