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Real Estate Buyer Leads - how would you like to generate them at will? Well, you can... and almost any time you want to. 

real estate buyer leads

NO, I'm not kidding; but you need to do a self-inspection of three things about yourself to be successful doing it...and those would be your attitude, mindset and work ethic.

1. Attitude - when you're not a positive minded person it may be readily apparent to any and everybody you approach about your business.

If you don't think of yourself as a winner, you may not be thought of as one, and thus will find it difficult to perform as one. Your attitude will determine your success in life. You are the one who decides what type of attitude you have. Plus, it’s your choice – not someone else’s!

Attitude is different for different people. A winning attitude in a person means that they have the positivity in themselves, that one day they will win, or simply think that they will.

A winning attitude

2. Mindset – a person with a growth mindset believes that with enough effort and perseverance anything is possible.

As long as there is motivation and drive, their aptitude and natural qualities can always improve and develop.

If you have a growth mindset, you can use mistakes and feedback as opportunities to improve and/or overcome challenges. For them, there is always the chance of achieving their goals through hard work  and a strong will and determination to succeed.

mindset needed to be a successful marketer of real estate buyer leads

3. Work Ethic  - you need to be the most focused agent in your office to be the best. Who is that right now... if not you? Identify that person and commit to studying and mimicking their work ethic.

Perhaps it’s reflected in their being on time – to work, meetings, appointments to list or show properties, etc.; following company guidelines; the way in which they engage customers and co-workers, and most importantly how they treat marginalized people. Are they respectful towards everybody, or just people they think of as important to their career? 

work ethic

Two Ways To Generate Real Estate Buyer Leads...
Starting Now!

Here is An Example: #1 - Advertise Listings of Agents In Your Office.

Let’s consider some practical applications of attitude, mindset and work ethic and the role it plays in generating Real Estate Buyer Leads. Now don’t get all squirrely on me and start freaking out!

What's to prevent you from offering to advertise and promote listings of agents in your office? Do you think they'd appreciate the help, especially f you're spending your time and resources to do it?

Sure they would! If you try out this always be sure to clear it with the listing agent and your broker. Always get permission and never mislead the general public in your marketing of the properties.

Let this idea soak in for a minute. Many agents go months before getting their first listing and most of that time they’re feeling despondent for lack of business opportunities. Well, with this idea new and even veteran agents with too few listings can begin promoting as many as they can responsibly manage - immediately… like right now! Again, you need the expressed approval of the listing agents and brokers when you do!

You can advertise and promote a single listing, or group 2 or more together in a flyer and promote a plurality of them. Think of each listing as a doorway through which you are drawing prospects… the more listings you promote the more doorways you create for more prospects to come through. So, what’s your number… 1-3-5-7-10? Read more about it, then let us know what you think. >>>

Example #2 – Hold Open Houses - The More The Better!

For agents with listings I’m preaching to the choir, as they know the advantages and benefits of holding open houses. Again, though, if you’re a new or even veteran agent with few leads desiring more buyer this idea is for you, too!

This twist on hosting open houses idea was offered by one of our newsletter subscribers. She describes great success in generating leads through holding "Open Houses", but doing it very differently than what you might think.

She begins marketing her open houses 4-5 days before the day of the open house by distributing flyers to homes in the neighborhoods, running ads, posting yellow signs, hiring a "human sign", etc.

Her energy and enthusiasm will jump out of the page at you and is downright infectious. Read her post to get super excited about how she goes about it, then duplicate what she does!  >>>

That’s it for now. Here’s To Your Marketing Success Generating Real Estate Buyer Leads!

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