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Top Producing Agents are using the Real Estate Marketing Tips & Strategies below to grow and flourish their business. Investors use them, too!

Every agent, buyer, seller, and investor I know is constantly looking for effective ways to help them get listings, sell, rent, lease, or flip real estate, and increase their wealth through real estate holdings! 

Some use old-school real estate marketing strategies, while others combine conventional concepts with new-age marketing tools!  But no matter how you implement them, they will impact your bottom line positively.

Here are Some of My Favorite Real Estate Marketing Tips & Lead Generation Strategies.  I hope you find something that you can use! Here we go... 

#1    Automate Emailing Chores  - discover how Best Practice Real Estate Agents effectively use Sequential Auto-responders. I grew my mailing list from 0 to 3500 subscribers with an autoresponder. Would you like to achieve comparable results? 

#2   Start Building a Mailing List - this strategy is largely underutilized by most real estate marketers, despite being fundamental to their long-term success.

#5   Start a Newsletter -  whether via email, paper, RSS, or blog - it's all good. Repeat contacts with your prospects are what will convert them to paying customers. 

#6   Farm Expired Listings - expireds are easy to find and are already realtor friendly.

#7   Give Away Business Cards - give away as many and as fast as possible. 100 a week x 52 weeks equals 5200 contacts. Can you handle that?   

#8   Real Estate Buyer Lead Generation - Farming Buyers Without Listings

#9   Don't Have any Listings? Borrow one! -  you are part of a Multiple Listing System, aren't you? Market any listing as if it's yours. 

#10 Farm FSBOs - don't cold call. Mail letters, postcards, and flyers instead.

#11 Hold Open Houses - here's the best technique I've ever encountered.  You owe yourself to try it at least once in your career.   

#12 Create and Distribute Real Estate Flyers - here's one of the best DIY Flyer Design Services available. Try them - Risk Fre.

#13 Sponsor a Community Resource Guide - you can do an online version of one for virtually pennies and get people in the community to provide the content for it; garage sales, babysitting services, mentoring, community events, association meetings, etc. 

#14 Real Estate Internet Marketing - its' power to automatically add prospects to your email list is undeniable.  Discover how easy it is to get started today! 

#15 Illuminated Car Topper Signs - car top signs are transportable advertisements. You can think of them as mobile billboard signs. Can you see the impact of one on your business? 

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