Real Estate Agent Flyers; Turn A Stream Of Leads Into A Flood

Every day thousands of people become potential buyers of properties for sale. They go through newspaper ads, banner ads, search engines, billboards, and other sources of information to find what they are looking for.

If you want to sell them properties you need to advertise where they go.  Classified newspaper ads and flyers are good places to start. Let's say you run a campaign to generate buyer leads.  Some agents think that they have to advertise a specific property to do this, but that's not true. You need to think and act outside of the box a little bit.

For example, you can run an ad saying something like

Tired of Renting? Then call me at 33-333-3333
to learn how you can buy for less than rent!

Next, design and print a flyer saying the same, or similar thing.  Then, place them where people go; grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, dry cleaners, convenience stores, hospitals, apartment complexes, strip shopping centers, etc.  You should also place them on car windshields during local sporting events; basketball, softball, football, baseball and soccer games; gymnastics and track meets, etc.

Ever See Any Youth Soccer Games On Weekends?

At times there are literally hundreds of cars gathered on Saturdays and Sundays neatly lined up, ready for real estate agent flyers to be placed on them.  Why shouldn't they be yours? So, if you're not using agent flyers and brochures to market your services you're missing the boat. especially since you can design and make a free real estate marketing flyer using free real estate flyer software.

More Ideas For Real Estate Agent Flyers

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Now, make some flyers, print them and go out and distribute them. 

Here's To Your Real Estate Marketing Success! 

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