Affordable Real Estate Leads 
Eighteen Business Boosting Ideas

affordable real estate leads

Affordable Real Estate Leads are plentiful and can be fun to implement! Below are 18 strategies you probably already know about but haven't embraced yet.

Well, here’s some good news! It's never too late to start utilizing them - and today is as good as any to put them to work for you.  However, some may not be a good fit for you, so it’s perfectly okay to cherry-pick the ones that best fit you. Let’s take a look at them. 

1.  Farm Expired Listings – the most effective lead generation strategy I’ve ever utilized was Farming Expireds. The many things to like about them include that they are plentiful, easy to find, renewable, and 100% free to the source. This makes them the Best Affordable Real Estate Leads an agent can get. >>>

2.  Take Advantage of Free Real Estate Agent Directories - find free online directories to advertise your services. The more you do, the more backlinks you can get to your website... and the more backlinks you get, the more traffic you can drive to it.  More people beget more leads. >>>

3.  Source Newspaper Real Estate Leads – online, and print publications are plentiful, including your local newspaper, Craigslist, etc., for plenty of Affordable Real Estate Leads. >>>

Generate Affordable Real Estate Leads
with Letters

Expired Listing Letters
FSBO Letters

4.  Mail Expired Listing Letters – mailing letters is a great way to farm expired listings.  You can also source them via postcards, flyers, email marketing, and more. >>>

5.  Mail FSBO Letters – the best FSBOs are not found in newspaper ads but in neighborhoods tucked away off the beaten path with faded, almost hidden signs. Find those, and you'll likely have yourself a winner every time. >>>

6.  Start a Postcard Marketing Campaign  – direct-mail postcards are a perfect promotion tool!  Hard to miss, they deliver quick, clean messages that help to grow your business. >>>

7.  Source Leads via Real Estate Flyers – engage in flyer marketing to generate leads, even if you don’t have your own listings. Here are eight ideas to jump-start your campaigns.  >>>

8.  Email Marketing -  the enormous appeal of email marketing is once you set up a campaign, it can effectively run on autopilot for years. And it all starts with the magic of autoresponders. >>>

9. Use Sequential Auto-responders – automate your email marketing campaigns. Drive leads and prospects to a sequential autoresponder. They'll work for you 24/7/365. >>>    

10. Use Mailing Lists to Generate Affordable Real Estate Leads – you don’t have a business if you don’t have prospects.  Cultivate your own, or buy from a reputable list dealer. >>>

11. Refresh Your Website with Real Estate Website Content Articles - informative, content-rich, pre-written articles can help you inform your website visitors and convert them to leads. >>>

Generate Affordable Real Estate Leads with  Real Estate Marketing Content!Affordable Real Estate Leads

12. Create and Give Away Special Buyer and Seller Marketing Reports – it might sound counter-intuitive, but the more free things you give away, the more leads, listings, and sales you'll close. >>>

13. Host Open House Events – you can do this with your listings or listings of other agents in your office if you don’t have any of your own. This is an excellent strategy for new agents. >>>

14 Blog Weekly – pre-written articles make it easy to make regular posts to your blog. Your SEO rankings will soar, and you'll generate more leads, listings, and sales. >>>

15. Buy Real Estate Leads – if you’re in a hurry and want leads fast, you can always buy them.  A few places that come to mind include Zillow, Trulia, SmartZip, Market Leader & Bold. >>>

16. Create and Upload Videos – make and post videos to YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sites.  It’s as easy as using the phone that you have right now. 

17. Become a Sponsor – of any organization, event, or cause near and dear to your heart. Based on what you do, it could result in free mobile advertising opportunities. >>>

18. Social Network Marketing - engage and generate lots of leads simply by being the social animal you are.  Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest - oh my! >>>

18 Affordable Ideas That Generate Lots of Real Estate LeadsMake Affordable Real Estate Leads Fun and Exciting

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These Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas illustrate affordable ways to build a brand and grow your business simultaneously.  Sometimes, a little reminder about them is all it takes to put them into motion!

I hope you enjoyed the article, and here's to Your Real Estate Marketing Success!

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