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Buying a Home PLR Articles is Big Business, but quality ones are hard to find. So, we're making it easier with this  25 Article Pack of Home Buying Articles. The pieces are unique, freshly written, and can be used in many ways, including branding your business and generating leads. They average 500 words each, come in Word Format, and are fully editable. You can even add your name as an author if you wish!

How Good Is The Quality of These Buying a Home PLR Articles?  We think they're great, but we want to know what you think about them!

Here's an Excerpt From One of Them:  Buying a Home that Fits Your Lifestyle

Finding the right home and one that truly reflects your lifestyle is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. It should fit your lifestyle and have the right floor plan and style you’ll love for years to come.

Size is important when considering a home. If you’ve got a large family, they probably won’t be comfortable in a small two-bedroom, but a sprawling ranch-style may not be the best choice unless it meets other needs – such as enough bathrooms.

Floor plans may vary according to location. For example, if you live in the city, floor plans may range from multi-level brownstones, while more suburban settings will give you more outdoor space and room to grow.

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If you enjoy living in an urban area close to restaurants, shops, and other amenities, you should look for a downtown home that fits your style and needs.

Growing families may be better off in a country or suburban setting where schools and the neighborhood are important considerations. Think about your pets too. A home with a backyard may suit your needs more than having to get in an elevator each morning to walk the dog.

So! Who Exactly Uses Buying a Home Buying PLR Articles?

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Real Estate Agents and Online Marketers! In other words, people like you! And they're using them for unique business purposes. From growing a list to making direct sales, and everything else in between. Here's a more comprehensive but still partial list of users. 

  • Real Estate Agents 
  • Real Estate Marketers 
  • Real Estate Related Industry Professionals (Mortgage Companies, Title Companies, Home Appraisers, Architectes, etc.) 
  • Bloggers / Vloggers 
  • Internet Marketers 
  • Affiliate Marketers  
  • Online Businesses  
  • Offline Businesses  
  • Video Makers  
  • Ghost Writers  
  • Podcasters  
  • Scholars   
  • Magazine and Ezine Publishers ... and more

Nine Creative Ways To Use These Articles 

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There are countless ways to use these articles to generate real estate buyer leads. Some of the more practical ways include the following. Please let me know if you think of any additional ones.

  1. Use them as blogging content; they make excellent article posts. 
  2. Use as newsletter content; they speed up the publishing process and help build mailing lists quickly.
  3. Use as web page content to engage site visitors and encourage return visits for more information. 
  4. Use in email/drip marketing campaigns to keep readers engage long enough to convert them to paying customers.
  5. Use as content to create, sell, and give away ebooks to attract prospects. 
  6. Combine articles to make special reports. 
  7. Create an eCourse. 
  8. Ghostwrite or spin new articles.  
  9. Use to create text lead generation content.

Here's What To Expect from this 25-Article Set

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  1. 5 Mistakes First-Time Home-Buyers Make 
  2. Attend Open Houses to Get a Feel for What You Want – and Don’t Want 
  3. Buying a Home that Fits Your Lifestyle
  4. Consider the Neighborhood 
  5. Determining the Must-Have Features of Your New Home 
  6. Don’t Get Trapped by Real Estate Buzz Words  
  7. Educate Yourself to Make Smart Home-Buying Decisions 
  8. Get a House Inspection to Set Your Mind At Ease  
  9. How to Choose a Real Estate Agent  
  10. How to Win a Bidding War 
  11. Keep a Checklist During the Home-Buying Process  
  12. Know the Deal Breakers 
  13. Location, Location – and Getting the Best Deal  
  14. Making Your New House a Home  
  15. Red Flags to Look for When Home Searching  
  16. Rent or Buy How to Know What’s Best for You  
  17. Taking the Stress Out of Home-Buying  
  18. The Myth of “Love at First Sight” When Home Buying  
  19. The Rollercoaster Emotions of Buying a Home  
  20. The Search for a Home – Where Do You Begin  
  21. To Buy or Not to Buy The Home-Buying Final Decision  
  22. What Can Go Wrong? The Possibilities are Endless  
  23. What Is Your Definition of Home Sweet Home  
  24. Working Through Second Thoughts and Sheer Panic  
  25. You’ve Found “The Home.” Now What

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