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Real Estate Articles for Sellers And What They Need To Know! We've had a long spell where the most challenging aspect of selling a home was putting up the For Sale sign. As soon as it was up, owners could expect a flood of traffic. Buyers, many desperate to find anything remotely satisfactory in their price range, eagerly bid on what was available. It was common for many of them to make offers above asking prices. 

Times are slowly changing but changing nonetheless. Increasingly, buyers want more than plain homes that are outrageously expensive. So, sellers! Listen up! If you still want to get the most money for your homes in the fastest time possible, a revised strategy may be in order, but what? The following articles provide some potential answers.

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Ways To Increase The Value of Your Home

There are ways to make minor improvements that don’t cost much and significantly increase a home’s value. Some are do-it-yourself modifications, while others may require the services of a contractor. Interested in spending a little but profiting a lot? Read more here. >>>

Preparing Your Home for Sale

Achieving a successful sale when preparing your home requires meticulous attention to detail and emphasis on the desired outcome of selling. Enhancing the curb appeal, addressing necessary repairs and updates, effectively staging, and employing strategic marketing techniques can increase the likelihood of attracting interested buyers. More is shared about it here. >>>

Curb Appeal

As a home seller, I increased the wow factor of one of my former homes and its value by doing simple things. I repainted the trim of my house (the house itself didn't need repainting), pressure washed my privacy fence and sidewalk, added flowering plants to my outside planters, kept the yard maintained, and got a lot more money for the house than I initially thought I could get. It’s your turn now! >>>

When Your House Does Not Sell

As much as an owner and agent would like to pretend they don’t know why a house or listing doesn’t sell, the truth is, at some level, they do know! Now, how they respond is an entirely different matter. Do they make necessary modifications and adjustments to address the reasons, or do they continue to ignore the deficiencies? What do you do? >>>

Why Great Homes Do Not Sell

Even luxury and high-end homes don’t sell, and sometimes the issues are the same as with more moderately priced homes; deferred maintenance, obsolete design, overpricing for the neighborhood, and unreasonable expectations. So, what can be done to make these properties more marketable? Those are some of the issues, and here are some answers. >>>

Selling FSBO

Every owner gives at least a passing thought to selling their home without an agent. And why not? On a $400,000 sale, assuming a 6-7% commission, they could save $24,000 - $28,000! Well, it’s doable and starts with preparation, but it is fraught with the potential to fail big. Here’s what you need to know. >>>

Real Estate Tips For Selling

Every home and seller is different, and so goes the challenges of selling real estate. But there are some shared commonalities amongst homes that sell; many are common sense things. Something as simple as making the home smell good when people are viewing it can make all the difference in the world to a prospective home-buyer. What else might you be overlooking? >>>

Easements, Right of Ways & Restrictive Covenants

Arguably, easements and restrictive covenants are critical aspects of buying a home. And while homebuyers may not know to ask about them, sellers and their agents must disclose them. Failure to do so can result in sales derailing faster than snow cones melting in a desert! Still, many sellers are hard-pressed to precisely tell you what theirs are without researching them. >>>

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