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blogging for real estate leads

Blogging Can Be Fun and Profitable

blogging can be fun and profitable

Blogging for Real Estate Leads is a fun and compelling way to establish a new real estate business; and grow and expand an existing one, too! With a blog, you can

  • dominate a niche
  • cultivate a renewable source of warm, responsive leads and 
  • expand your marketing reach

And you can make money doing it, even if it's a personal blog you started for fun.

Best Platforms for Blogging for Real Estate Leads

Wix                Blogger          Squarespace         Tumbler   
HostGator      Weebly       Shopify

A platform of choice amongst many online marketers is WordPress. With over 800 free, customizable, mobile-ready designs and themes, you can build a blog and be online in about five minutes!

However, good blogging platforms are both plentiful and affordable. Consequently, if you're looking for something other than WordPress, there are many options, including the ones noted above.

You can hardly go wrong with any of them, as each offers some configuration of the following features:

  • integrated marketing tools and analytics 
  • optimized posts for search engine indexing 
  • chat and phone support (some 24/7) 
  • ability to build dynamic blogs with no HTML or coding experience required whatsoever, and so much more.   

Why Marketers Blog for Real Estate Leads

Why Are Marketers
Blogging for Real Estate Leads?

Let's not mince words here! Real Estate Marketers are blogging for leads to make money, and it's working! They do it to sell products and services, generate listings, drive sales, and grow and expand their businesses. More specifically, they can

  • Earn Money via Affiliate Marketing and Related Links 
  • Sell Personal and Business Products and Services
  • Offer and Charge for Membership Subscriptions to Access Exclusive Content 
  • Get Paid to Promote Products and Services and Sell Ads on Their Blog(s) to Other Businesses.

These things make blogging worth your time, but there are many more of interest to marketers and real estate agents, including the ones below.  

Five Major Benefits of Blogging For Real Estate Leads 

blogging benefits

Blogging For Real Estate Leads can further add to and sustain your success by

1. Building Lists - Blogging is suitable for driving traffic to your blog/website/lead capture system 365/24/7, enabling you to grow your mailing list by automatically capturing visitors' contact information. Subsequent and repeat follow-ups to their interests can help leverage them into paying customers.

2. Increasing Your Visibility - Blogging increases your likelihood of being indexed by search engines and found by visitors. Each new blog post that you write creates a new indexable page. Also, high-quality blog posts attract inbound links, which helps to increase your website's authority.

3. Establishing Credibility - As you consistently blog about helpful, relevant information, you will establish yourself as a thought leader. This thought leadership position would help you garner much-needed trust as you try and move blog readers to customers.

4. Generating More Leads - You can create lead-generation opportunities with each blog post by writing a blog article and pairing it closely with more informative content.

5. Establishing & Building a Brand - Real Estate Blogging effectively increases community visibility. Additionally, it can help you expand your marketing footprint, connect with leads and make more sales!  Here are some affordable lead-generation ideas.

Content is The Key Element of Blogging Success

prewritten credit card marketing reports
prewritten real estate website content articles and reports
25 prewritten buying a home articles
ten prewritten real estate content articles

Many bloggers falsely believe they must create 100% of their content themself, but nothing is further from the truth.

On the contrary, an extraordinary amount of content is available on the Internet, written by all manner of subject matter experts. And experienced bloggers are using some of it (with permission, of course) by integrating it with their content in unique, creative ways that resonate with their audiences. Such is the popularity of curated blogs and web pages.   

Done for You Content

Should you depend on writing all of your content or do something different? Well, the answer depends on your response to the following two questions.

  1. Are you a prolific writer?

  2. Can you commit to and sustain a writing schedule that will be sufficient to generate the quantity and quality of information needed to have a successful blog?

If your honest, eyes-wide-open answer to either question is "no," Prewritten Content is worth considering.

Take a look at three of our prewritten articles that can be used as website pages, blog posts, content for newsletters, and more:

But like many things, there are advantages and disadvantages to it.  

Advantages of Using Prewritten Content

It's Instant - you can download and use it immediately when you purchase it. It is one of the few things about real estate marketing that offers instant gratification.

Cost - with due diligence, you can find great content at a reasonable price. Additionally, instead of spending valuable time writing content, you could show homes, make videos, and do numerous other things to generate leads that convert to listings and sales.    

Disadvantages of Using Prewritten Content 

Cost - outsourcing your content needs can be pricey and unsustainable, depending on how much you need.

Quality - sometimes, the quality could be better. And when that happens, you must tweak or rewrite it to make it more usable.

Where To Find Good, Done for You Content 

Done For You Content - Prewritten & Outsourced

Outsourcing can be an excellent option for acquiring fresh content to engage your audience and grow your blog. Sites like Fiverr, 99Design, Freelancer, Guru, Outsourcely, PeoplePerHour, Truelancer & Toptal are all excellent places to look.

You can hire writers starting at $5.00 or more per article. However, the high quality you seek might cost you more, like the $15, $35, $65, or more per article charged by some of the highest-rated and experienced writers. Can you afford that?

Alternatively, there's Prewritten Content already done for you. One specific product we offer is a 275 Mega Pack of articles. An extra value is that each one is long enough to be easily divided into 2-3 posts each. That's enough content to blog for up to 825 consecutive days. And at less than 39 cents per article, it's a super bargain! You can see more about it here!    

Seven Reasons Blogging Might Be Right For You

Blogging for Real Estate Leads.

When done consistently, blogging can deliver benefits optimum for increasing your business volume. Daily is recommended and will yield the best and following results:   

1. It increases your likelihood of being indexed by search engines and found by visitors. Each blog you write creates a new indexable page, and high-quality blog posts attract inbound links, which helps to increase your website's authority.

2. As you consistently blog with helpful, relevant information, you will establish yourself as a thought leader. This thought leadership position would help you garner much-needed trust as you try and move blog readers from passive readers to appreciative, paying customers.

3. By pairing a blog article closely with gated content, you can create a lead-generation opportunity with each blog post.

4. Real Estate Blogging effectively increases community visibility while connecting directly with prospects and clients, current and former alike.

5. You'll be able to drive leads to your lead capture system 365/24/7

6. Grow your mailing list by capturing visitors' contact information for subsequent and repeated follow-ups with their specific permission via your email campaigns.

7. Have visitors help you grow your blog content via comments to posts, uploading pictures and videos, and the like (see this page as an example).  

how to get real estate listings


Successful blogging happens by design - not by accident. Guides for success are good for shortening learning curves for what you need to know and avoid on your journey to blogging success. 

Blogging content ideas

Real Estate Website Content  
Content for Buyers  
Content for Sellers  

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