Blogging For Real Estate Leads

Blogging For Real Estate Leads - Real Estate Blogs give you a voice and a place to connect with and engage consumers. With one 

blogging for real estate leadsBlogging for Real Estate Leads - Good Content Keeps Visitors Returning to Your Blog, While Poor Content Drives Them Away!

you can build a brand and generate lots of leads at the same time. 

Below is an article by Mikel Erdman that illustrates the benefits of Blogging for Real Estate Leads as an effective lead generation strategy.  I found it illuminating and worth sharing with you exactly as he wrote it. Enjoy! 

Blogging for Real Estate Leads

3 Easy Ways To Get Top Quality Real Estate Blog Content

By Mikel Erdman 

Having a real estate blog is an effective marketing strategy that helps to increase community visibility, and connects you directly with your prospective and existing clients.

It gives you an efficient lead generation system as well, and allows you to gain authority on the topics you are blogging about.

Done for you blogging is a great way to keep your blog up to date with fresh content so your readers will continue to return to you for more information. However, before diving into this topic, let's explore why you should have a blog in the first place.

Why A Real Estate Blog

Through a blog, real estate agents are able to improve consumer perception and build trust by doing the following:

  • Publish high quality, informative posts 
  • Being consistently perceived as an authority in their marketplace with blogging 
  • Interacting and engaging in good conversations with readers of their blog  
  • Letting their personality shine - prospects are searching for background information before talking with agents    
  • Demonstrating their talents and professional skills  
  • A real estate blog will help you to do all of this.

Done-For-You Real Estate Blog Content

You can purchase high quality, pre-written blog content from a real estate blog content service.

In one example, you can get 20 professionally written blog posts per month on high quality real estate related topics that your clients and referral partners would find interesting. The great news is that you don't have to spend hours upon hours researching and writing the content. Just copy and paste the articles into your blog and schedule them to publish.

The content is "ghost written" meaning you can take full credit as the author as well. You can even spend a few minutes customizing the content for your local market, add local keywords for better search engine placement, and give your personal opinions on the article and how it affects your market and client base.

Automatic Blog Content Channels

Just as it sounds, an automatic content channel system uses custom software to publish high quality, professionally written real estate blog posts directly into your WordPress or Blogger website.

Just like the ghost-written blog content option above, this content automatically shows up in your website each business day and it makes you look like a total real estate expert.

With this option, you don't even have to log in to copy/paste and publish. We just set up the software to publish to your existing blog website and it works automatically.

Automatic blog content channel posting software keeps your blog filled with keyword rich, fresh content to give you that needed boost in search engines as well as staying in front of your sphere-of-influence consistently and professionally.

It is effective, hands-free in nature, reliable, cost-effective and takes off on its own once you set it up.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging helps to increase website traffic. It is an excellent way to get extra web exposure. Plus, the guest bloggers will have an incentive to promote your site with their post on it as well.

One great way to utilize guest bloggers is to ask other industry professionals that you get referral business from to write guest posts about their industry.

For instance, ask the mortgage lending professional of your choice to write a guest post on a current loan program or special market update. They get the chance to show off their market knowledge and you get a high quality blog post for free.

By far, guest blogging saves you time. Having to keep up posting to your blog can be very time consuming and many real estate agents simply do not have the time. Unfortunately, if you are not posting regularly, your blog will crash and burn.

By hiring professional blogging services, you will be provided with a lot of content to maintain blog quality. You also don't have to coordinate the content with your guest writers with a professional service. It's all taken care of for you.

Real estate blogging is definitely something you want to incorporate in your real estate marketing strategy and is a responsive and reliable form of social media. It has shown some excellent results for any business owner and will surely do the same for the real estate agents who know the value and concept of blogging.


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Article Source: 3 Easy Ways To Get Top Quality Real Estate Blog Content

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Final Thoughts -
About Blogging for Real Estate Leads

There are a lot of things to learn before you can be successful as an online blogger.  However, if you have nothing else but good content you'll be off to a good start.  Be sure to check out our content here! 

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