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Credit Card Marketing Reports
Best Credit Card Deals
Cash Advances and Credit Card Checks
Consolidation Loans
Credit Card Debt
Credit Card Rate Hikes
Credit Card Terms and Conditions
Credit Card Terms
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Debt Stress
Low-Interest Credit Cards
Missed Credit Card Payment
Pay Off Debt Before Saving
Payment Holidays
Reasons To Pay More Than the Minimum Payment
Repaying Credit Card Debt
The Smart Way to Pay Back Debt
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Transfer Balances to Save Money
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Credit Card Marketing Reports

Millions of people log onto the Internet daily looking for real estate, credit card, and mortgage loan information... and Top Marketers are providing it! Are you? If not, you should!  Why? Because there's no better way to attract and convert prospects to leads tahn by providing them the credit and mortgage information they crave, especially when they're realigning their finances, paying off debt, to get the best home loan mortgage they qualify for. And they search the internet looking for it!

So, if you provide finance and credit information via your website, autoresponders, and blog, you can direct them to your lead capture software. Then once you have their contact information, you can engage and nurture their progress and convert them from visitors to prospects to buyers and sellers. 

Here's What's Included In This Set of Articles

So if you need some, this 25 Credit Card Article Pack can be used in many ways to attract leads, including as website content, blog & newsletter content, content for email marketing campaigns, and special reports to grow a mailing list of leads and prospects. You might even come up with a few ideas to use them that I have yet to think of. 

Best Credit Card Deals

Like most consumers, you have at least a few credit cards. But did you get the best deals? Maybe! But if you've been late paying bills, and who hasn't during Covid, payments weren't always on time! But that's okay. Sure, the best customers are those who make timely monthly payments. But there are ways to get better rates if you've experienced missed or late payments. Here's how to dig out of a hole if you have some bad ones.  >>>

Cash Advances and Credit Card Checks

Using credit card checks and cards for cash advances are red flags to lenders that you need the money, and they treat you accordingly with high rates and low credit limits. It's evident to them that you're not using your credit cards for convenience. Consequently, this signals lenders and credit card companies that you should be given a low credit limit since you won't be able to clear any current debt anytime soon. >>>

Consolidation Loans

Once you consolidate your loans, you will have just one loan to pay off. And then you think you can afford a few more cards now that you're saving a lot. Right? Nope! That's stinking thinking, and here's why! One aspect of debt consolidation loans to be wary of is that the lower the payments, the longer they last, sometimes up to twenty years. Consequently, you could be paying off your current debt for the next twenty years! Does that really sound like something you want?   >>>

Credit Card Debt

Do you know that credit card companies don't want you to pay off your loans early? The longer you take, the happier they'll be to have your business. They'll even reward you with a higher credit limit! The companies cannot charge any interest if you pay them back and owe nothing on your cards. Thus, they do not make a profit. However, pay just a little bit each month, and they have a steady income based on the interest of what you owe.  >>>

Credit Card Mistakes 

Goodness knows I've made my fair share of mistakes using credit cards and have paid for it in thousands of wasted dollars in interest payments, cash advances, penalty fees, and the like.  Missing a payment, or paying late is a small mistake that can result in big penalties. You will almost always be charged a late payment fee, and your late payment will effect your credit rating making it less likely that you'll be able to get low interest credit cards; plus your debt is automatically thrown onto the very worst rate the company offers. Here are more stakes to avoid.   >>>

Credit Card Rate Hikes

If you ever experience an interest rate hike on your credit cards, you should first consider canceling the card and moving the balance elsewhere. If you can't do that for some reason, contact your local consumer protection agencies. If that fails, and in extreme circumstances, the next step is to get a lawyer (an expensive affair, so avoid that if possible). >>>

Credit Card Terms and Conditions

Read the full reports by clicking on the links below!

Excerpt From Top Credit Card Mistakes   

credit card mistakes to avoid

Paying Late - Paying late is a big mistake for an awful lot of reasons. You will almost certainly be charged a late payment fee, and your late payment will go on your credit report for everyone to see. You may also lose any excellent rate you had, and your debt is automatically thrown onto the worst rate the company offers.

Maxing Them Out - Your limit is just that: a limit, not a minimum! Whatever you do, don’t get a card and immediately spend your limit. This doesn't look good. It is better to spend about halfway regularly and pay it back. Wait for the company to increase your limit (which they quickly will), and then you’ll get that extra money without the stigma of having a maxed-out card.


Credit Card Marketing Reports are an ideal investment because they deliver what consumers want - practical information that help them improve their creditworthiness. The more information you provide, the more they'll come to trust and value your professionalism.

25 Credit Card Marketing Article Reports


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