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How Effective Can Real Estate Flyer Marketing Be?  Potentially, it can be very effective... and lucrative. Here's an example.

Lets say you hand out 1,000 flyers at a bridal show and get 5 calls and one of the calls led to a $500,000.00 sale. Let's also say you designed and printed the flyers yourself for around 5 cents for a grand total cost of $50.00.  My flyer of choice for executing this strategy is Turnkey Flyers

Real Estate Flyer

I don't now about you, but I'd be ecstatic over results like this and would be eager to hand out my next batch of flyers! Wouldn't you?

I'd quickly find another listing to advertise, even if it's not mine, and repeat the process. That's right, you can use this strategy with just about any listing in your MLS System, even if you don't have any listings of your own.

However, before you distribute flyers you need something worthy of distribution. Top Producing Agents use Turn-key Flyers because they're high quality, but low cost.

Here's What Agents Do With Them.  They...

  • Edit - add text and descriptions - directly on the flyer template...and in real time. There's no fooling around waiting for slow loads to see what your changes look like. They're instant.

  • Point and click to drop in photos that are automatically sized and formatted for you....and they're near perfect every time.

  • Complete new flyers from start to finish in less than 30 minutes. It's so easy to do you can have your kids, nieces and nephews do them for you to either earn their allowance or make a little extra money.

  • Add bold fonts, italics and other customizations that will make your flyers sizzle. You'll stand head and shoulders above competitors.

  • Create unique and creatively designed flyers. They'll be so refreshingly different that your prospects will think you're a design and graphics artist.

  • Open and save flyers as PDF Documents. That makes them super easy to email and distribute.

  • Spell check flyers to avoid the embarrassment of sending flyers out with misspelled words.

On any given day there may be hundreds to thousands of active real estate buyers and sellers in your community, yet you have only a few of them, assuming you have any at all.  The problem is knowing where to find them and how to position yourself as the agent of choice to assist them with their needs when they're ready to do business. This one idea can result in a trickle of leads being turned into a flood of them. Read More.

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