Make a Real Estate Flyer on Your Computer; Fast & Free

Need to Make a Real Estate Flyer? Want to do it on your computer? You can do if you have Microsoft Word software on your computer.

It won’t cost you anything and you can be done in a few minutes.

You can even print them on your home or office computer,

but if you want a high gloss finished look you can always take them to a professional printer.

Let me show you how easy it is.

One. Click on the Office Button in the upper left hand corner of your computer screen. When the drop down menu appears in the upper left hand corner click on “new” for new document. That opens a Templates window showing a bunch of options,and one of them is for flyers.

Two. If you click flyers another window will open – it’ll say “event, marketing, real estate and other flyers”. Click on “real estate” and it’ll take you to a window that says “for rent or sale.”

Three. If you want to design and create a for sales flyer then select that option. Conversely, click on “for rent” if you want to design and print a “for sale” flyer. Spend a few minutes inputting your specific information and you’ll be ready to print your flyers in minutes.

Next, I created and printed 100 real estate flyers describing the property and the terms and conditions under which it could be rented or leased with an option to buy.

When I got to the house I placed 20 of them in the house and my plan was to distribute the remaining ones in and around the neighborhood, but I didn’t have to because the 2nd person who saw the house leased it with an option to buy.

Summarily, creating a real estate flyer is relatively cheap in comparison to other methods of advertisement. And if they contain a convincing description and pictures of the property you are selling or renting you’ll stand a good chance of finding the leads you want.

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