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Real Estate PostcardsReal Estate Postcards

Real Estate Postcards are the perfect tool for introducing yourself to new leads, building rapport with prospects, and maintaining relationships with current and former clients. Additionally, they're equally effective whether you're launching a new career, expanding an established one, or selling a property For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Following are links to related Postcard Marketing Tips, Tools, and Resources for your consideration.

Custom Real Estate Postcards
Create them in minutes with Top Producer’s “Market Builder Program,” then capture, manage and nurture leads to fruition.  Included is a video; it’s a tad long but shows in detail how the program can help you design, market, and grow your brand. You’ll be glad you watched it! Check it out

Direct Mail Postcards
An effective way to create a steady, renewable source of responsive leads. While mailing high-quality postcards and flyers to generate leads is a “no-brainer,” you might be surprised how many of your competitors don’t have any!  Click here for more about it

Effective Real Estate Postcards 
It's a given. Effective postcard campaigns include incentives to get recipients to respond to calls to action. The proverbial "call me for a free consultation" does not cut it anymore. It needs to be something perceived as being of high value.  See more 

just listed post cards
sold real estate postcards
landscape advertising post cards

Just Listed Postcards 
Circulate them for your listings and watch your business take off, and when you put up for sales signs you can anticipate even more business. The combination of people responding to your postcards and the signs garnering attention is powerful! Read more about it. 

Just Sold Real Estate Postcards 
Circulating just-sold postcards can also be a powerful real estate lead generation strategy. Everybody loves doing business with a winner, so strike when you’re hot by announcing your successes.  Click here for more about it

Landscape Advertising Postcards 
Successful marketing for lawn maintenance and landscaping businesses looks different than real estate agents. More is required than just having invested in the latest equipment to improve the landscaping of new or existing homes. See what we mean 

mortgage postcards
postcard for expired listing
marketing cards for real estate

Low-Cost Marketing with Postcards 
Amplify your success with postcards that arrive "ready to be read." Even people who ignore other forms of advertising find it hard to avoid looking at messages delivered via postcards. Discover more here 

Mortgage Postcards
I consider mortgage postcards to be a specialty within a specialty. So, I looked to these three familiar companies with a significant online presence that offers the types of products mortgage and real estate financial specialists need to generate leads.  Learn more about them 

Postcards For Expired Listings 
Farming Expired Listings is one of the best things you can do for your business. Over time the mailings build up to a point where once folks start responding to them, they don't stop until you stop mailing them. See more here    

Real Estate Marketing Cards
Integrating Marketing Cards & Trigger Marketing with Social Media applications, it's super special is an awesome combo.  See how

Real Estate Marketing Postcard 
The power of information can be transformational, as it can turn chaos into new business opportunities. Discover how  

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Real Estate Postcard Ideas  
Eleven low-cost and easy-to-implement ideas to generate leads. Tips and strategies to grow your business and increase your income. #1 is market luxury apartment dwellers.  

Real Estate Marketing Postcard       
Does postcard marketing work in today’s high-tech world? Absolutely! Emailing and texting postcards is standard practice  - and it's affordably effective!

Real Estate Post Card Article 2       
Here are seven benefits of using postcards for any business. Let's begin with the fact that postcards produce fast results and work for any business - including yours!

Real Estate Post Card Template     
A good template can get readers to stop, read and act. And that's without readers having to open anything. Therein lies the power, value and benefits of using them. 

Real Estate Post Card Marketing Campaign         
Contrary to popular opinion, few agents market with postcards.

Realtor Marketing Postcards    
Show your customers love, and they’ll reward you with their business.

Post Card Marketing       
Online full-service providers stand ready to design, print, and mail them.

Real Estate Postcard Ideas!

Need Ideas For a Postcard Marketing Campaign? Ideas to help you Grow Your Business; to Get More Listings and Make More Sales? Then read on!

Now...lets look at the Postcard Marketing Ideas

Click below to discover the ideas that await you...

Postcards For Real Estate Agents 
Attention grabbing postcards are every real estate agents dream, although many fall short of using them...even when "dream postcards" fall into their laps. …

Common Postcard Marketing Mistakes 
Postcard Marketing works! Why? Because most consumers are impressed by them. Consequently, companies and businesses that use them to introduce and promote …

Build a Network for Your Postcard Marketing Campaign  
Postcard marketing can really be a productive marketing strategy if you go about it the right way. However, for it to be effective you need to get off …

Postcard Marketing Advertising Is STILL A Powerful Marketing Strategy! 
If you want to successfully launch a postcard marketing campaign you need to make the most of advertising it. Here's what I mean. Historically, the …

Click here to write your own.

Summarily, direct mail campaigns with real estate postcards will enable you to frequently and inexpensively market to the masses, and as you know the more frequently you make contacts with prospects the better your results will be.

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