Post Card Marketing

When Executed Properly, a Post Card Marketing Campaign can be an effective strategy to increase real estate sales and profits while maintaining a budget. It is an effective way to market to the masses while maintaining an advertising budget - on and off line. 

Four Elements of Effective Post Card Marketing Campaigns

You can get the most out of a post card marketing campaign by adhering to the following principles.

  1. Focus on a narrow and/or specific desired outcome, like a new listing, or an open house. Communicate in very clearly terms what you are promoting.  Color gets best results, unless you’re using black and white for flair and or to make a point.

  2. Space is limited, so use it wisely. Do not get caught up in the false belief that you must utilize every inch of space on your post card for it to be effective. Short, simple and sweet works best. Also, use your post card messages to amplify your marketing slogan

  3. Give your customers reasons to contact you. Find out what their problems are and offer solutions to them.  Then, give them as many ways to contact you as you have; email address, office phone number, home phone number, cell phone number, website address. etc.

  4. Use your post cards to address the concerns of your readers, and not to toot your own horn.  When you have answers to their problems you can expect a high response to your mailings.   

Post Card Marketing Example

Let’s say you’re a real estate agent and want to promote a $500,000.00 home listing that is an exceptional deal that nobody knows about, but you're convinced if you can show it you can sell it!  

While advertising the home in your local newspaper is a good option, a better one is a post card marketing campaign targeting current homeowners in $200,000 – $300,000 neighborhoods.  You'll have double opportunities with each prospect to both list their current homes and sell them new ones.

  • So, if you’re a Realtor go to your city/county tax roll (you can actually do it online), look up the names and addresses of the homeowners and fire off a series of post cards.  Don’t be surprised if you get a 1-3% response rate.  

The more post cards you mail out the more successful your post card marketing campaign will be.  There are a number of ways to purchase direct mail post cards.  You can

If you like the idea of maintaining full control over your post card marketing campaign then you should consider purchasing post card making software.  Once you own the software you can generate high quality, professional looking post cards for the cost of the card stock and postage.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you’ll have to provide your own ink cartridges, too!

On the other hand, if you like the idea of outsourcing the job completely then by all means use a full service provider who will do it all; design, produce and mail your direct mail post cards for you. All you'll need to do is pay the bill.

Whatever your marketing approach post cards you can increase sales while decreasing costs.  With them you can reach more prospects in less time and gradually but surely increase sales.

In summation, a post card marketing campaign is a very powerful marketing strategy. It can generate leads to convert to sales, inspire a loyal following of customers committed to doing business with you and can even drive traffic to your website while reducing your advertising costs.

Start a marketing campaign today & take your business to new heights.

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