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homes for sale

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For Sale By Owner Home in Forrest Hills, NY 
Beautiful -1 Bedroom 1 Bath Apartment Home. Built in 1937, this spacious 800 SqFt home features a renovated corner one bedroom apartment with high …

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Realtors – it's a rare opportunity to advertise your listings for free... but here is one where you can promote an unlimited number of them! It's perfect for...

1.   New listings - the faster you get the word out that you have a new listing for sale, the sooner you can start generating potential buyers for it and other properties in your inventory or listed in your MLS.   

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3.    Price Reductions - people love things that go on sale, and real estate is a biggee. Are you maximizing this strategy?  Now you can do it for free!

4.    Just Sold Listings. I’ll bet dollars to donuts you don’t promote; I just sold listings to your fullest advantage. Some agents do it via flyers and postcards, but few have the budget to promote them online! Here you can at no cost!  

5.  Sellers – are you selling FSBO?  If so, you know how expensive advertising can be. Save your money, at least for now, and advertise your home here for free!

Everybody will know you have a home to sell when you promote it... nobody will know if you don't!

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