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Expired Listing Letters

Mailing Expired Listing Letters is a proven, effective way to get easy way to get listings! While other marketing strategies may be more in vogue (tweeting, call capture systems, social media platforms, etc.), there's lots to be said about mailing letters, beginning with the fact that even though every agent knows about Expired Listings, few consistently farm them.  Consequently, there's less competition for them than you think.

2 Minute Video - What You Need To Know

Should You Farm Expired Listings?

If you want a steady stream of renewable leads of course you should! It's easy to do and you will get listings...  especially if you use a proven set of expired listing letters and script. 

I can't say about others, but each one of our letters was written with the specific purpose of converting Expired Listings to new ones, which they do very well!

Here's how well! Within a year of using them I needed help marketing the listings I was getting... I was having a hard time keeping up with all of them by myself.

So, I hired a part time assistant and then took on a partner to help me - a marketing team if you will, even though I didn't call it that! 

While most of the listings were single family homes I also listed multifamily units (duplexes, triplexes and quads), 5-10-20-40 acre parcels of land and commercial properties to new listings.

Expired Listing Prospecting - This Is How To Do It

STRATEGY: Mail on average ten letters a day, 5-6 days a week and you can develop a renewable stream of high converting leads. I typically didn't mail any on Sundays - just because I wanted at least a little bit of family time with my wife and kids.  However, there's nothing wrong with you doing it if you want to.

RESULTS: Using the strategy above I generally had 20 plus listings in my portfolio at any given time. When the numbers got around thirty plus I first hired a part time assistant and then took on a partner to help me manage them. The letters were highly effective and exceeded every expectation I had!

How Much Competition
Is There For Expired Listings?

Expired Listings are highly coveted, so there is competition for them.  Still, few agents effectively farm them, which is exactly why you should be, too

  • and while there is always going to be competition for them (understandably so) there's always room for a motivated agent with a good system to get a fair share of them...
  • and when you pursue them with purpose and result oriented letters your success is all but guaranteed

Do You Need To Cold Call Expired Listing Prospects For Best Results?

Calling Expired Listing Owners

I know this isn't what you want to hear, but I tried cold calling like most agents do at one time or another, and absolutely hated it! However, I found out through a little trial and error that calling before or sending letters didn't increase my results!

So, instead of cold calling Expired Listing Prospects I mailed letters and when owners responded by calling me they expected to do business with me!  And to my surprise they were disappointed when I declined their desire to list with me, which I did when they wanted to overprice their properties, or insisted on other unreasonable terms and conditions!

On the other hand I'm aware of agents who have great success cold calling expireds.  However, since mailing letters fit my personality better that's what I did and I still averaged 2 plus listings a week doing it.

Every Agent Needs Listings...

Let's Face It! You need listings, no matter how long you've been licensed...and you can get them Farming with Expired Listing Letters. 

If you're a new agent they can help you get your career off to a good start... and if you're a veteran they can offer a new beginning, boost your overall productivity and/or open up a new market.

Advantages of Using a
Pre-written Expired Listing Letter Set

The biggest advantage to using expired listing letter templates is that with them you can dominate your competition in ways that you can't imagine right now. For example, home owners will initiate calls to you versus the other way around and when they do they'll not just be wanting to do business with you...but expecting to do business with you!  

Additionally, with them you can save time by working smarter... not harder! Once the letters are set up on your computer you can mail ten a day in less than ten minutes, thereby leaving the rest of the day to pursue other activities requiring more of your time and attention.

Finally, once you start using them you can generate a steady, renewable stream of warm, responsive prospects every week...month after month. Are you doing anything remotely as successful as this right now? Probably not... right?

Our Expired Listing Letter Set
- Time Tested & Proven

Return On InvestmentOur Expired Listing Letters are time tested and proven to be effective, no matter where you live. Agents from all across the country are having success using them.

Here's What You Can  Expect! Mail 10 letters a day x 5-6 days a week and anticipate receiving on average 1-2 new listings a week using them. I'm not a mathematician, but it seems to me that it's a pretty solid return on time and money spent to get 1-2 new listings a week! It may take a couple of months before they start rolling in, but when they do it'll be like clockwork!

Can you find Expired Letters that are cheaper?  Maybe, but why gamble the success of your career on cheap and/or free letters when you can get the exact same letters written by an agent that averaged 2 Plus listings a week using them?

Instant Download and Ready To Use

Expired Listing Letter - Instant DownloadOur letters arrive instantly and ready for immediate use. You can order them in the morning and be using them by noon.

You can get these letters Instantly! And the first thing you should do when you get them is personalize them with your information, which will only take a few minutes at most.  Outside of that I recommend using them "as is". 

However, once you buy them you can edit and/or embellish them as you please; but let me say this..."if it's not broken don't try to fix it"...and these letters are definitely not broken.

Proven effective when used "as is"...there's no real reason to try to fix them to make them better.  I averaged 2 Plus listings a week using them...and you can be successful using them, too..

Here's What's Included

Main Expired Listing Letter 
Alternate Initial Expired Letter  
First Follow Up Letter  
Second Follow Up Letter    
Third Follow Up Letter  
Fourth Follow Up Letter
An Expired Listing Log (Bonus)
A Marketing Update Report (Bonus) 
An Overview Ebook (Bonus) 
An Expired Listing Script (Bonus)

The Expired Listing Letter Bonuses

You Also Get The Following BONUSES When You Order Our Expired Listing Letters!

BONUS #1 - The Expired Listing Log - this form allows you to talk to owners responding to your letters about the specifics of their homes within seconds.  Imagine the power of being able to describe to them their home as if you were sitting in their living room.  It's simple form that is exceptionally effective in getting the listing.

BONUS #2 - The Marketing Update Report - sometimes agents are so busy marketing listings they fail to properly inform their clients of their efforts.  It's a deadly mistake that even Top Producers make that can result in client dissatisfaction.  This form addresses that issue.  You can complete and mail it in minutes. It makes letting them know what you're doing easy.  Underestimating their need to know is to your peril.

BONUS #3 - The Overview eBook - this tells you everything you need to know how to properly use this Expired Listing Letter System; step by step. 

BONUS #4 - The Expired Listing Script - this script is magical - I'm not kidding! It tells you exactly what to say to make appointments to take the listings versus setting appointments to give listing presentations. 

Expired Listing Letters


 If you are not satisfied with them for any reason we'll Immediately Refund 100% of Your Money with No Questions Asked.

Expired Listing Letters - Satisfaction Guaranteed90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

These Letters are Microsoft Word Documents and are Delivered Immediately via Email Download.  WinZip is required to open them.  You'll get a link to download a FREE Copy if you need it.

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