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expired listing letters

Mailing Expired Listing Letters is a proven, effective way to get some of the best listings available. While other marketing strategies may be more popular (call capture systems, texting, social media platforms, etc.), there is a lot to be said for mailing expired listing letters. First and foremost, when you send them on a regular basis, you can expect new business opportunities to come your way!

Every agent knows expireds are ripe for new business opportunities, but only a few farm them consistently. Consequently, there's lots of opportunity for an agent like yourself to convert some of them to new listings!

Should You Farm Expired Listings?

Of course you should! Why wouldn't you, as they can provide a continuous stream of renewable leads? Plus, they're relatively easy to get with an effective letter system! Can you think of anything complicated about mailing letters? I can't either!

I can't say about other letter sets, but the ones offered here are time-tested and proven highly effective! 

Each letter was written to get owners to call you with just one thing on their mind: listing their property with you! These letters do that well! 

So, I hear you asking, "Just how effective are they?" Let me answer it this way! Imagine a portfolio of 20 or more listings! That's a sampling of how many I got using them, and when that became my norm, I hired a part-time assistant and then took on a partner to help manage and market them all.  After that, things kicked into a higher activity level than I had imagined!

Prospecting With Expired Listing Letters - This Is How to Do It

best expired listing letters, real estate marketing

The Strategy To Expired Listing Domination Is SimpleMake it a habit to send out letters consistently, five to six days a week. And like with me, your dedicated efforts may be rewarded with a sustainable wellspring of leads, ripe for conversion.

So, why not seven days a week? Because everybody needs a day off from work! Still, being the workaholic that I am prone to being, I have to admit that there were times when I ground it out seven days a week! Do what works for you, but remember that family is important, too - and everybody needs a break from work sometime!

Results You Can Expect: Mine were exciting, as they exceeded every expectation I had! Here's what success looked like for me. I

  • averaged converting two plus expired listins a week to new listings 
  • generally had 20-plus listings in my portfolio at any given time 
  • hired a part-time assistant and took on a partner to help me manage my portfolio of listings when it grew to around 30 or so
  • bought and flipped some of the expired listings for personal profit and gain (with appropriate disclosures, of course)

So, what can it look like for you?  I'll let you tell me after you've tried them!

Is There Competition for Expired Listings?

Yes, there is! Expired Listings are highly coveted.  Still, fewer agents than you think effectively farm them, which is precisely why you should pursue them...

  • while there will always be competition for them (understandably so), there's always room for a motivated agent with an excellent system to get a fair share of them...
  • and when you pursue them with purpose and result-oriented letters, success is all but guaranteed 

Test The Theory for Yourself! Inquire within your office. Observe and even ask if any agents are farming expired listings, and you may discover that only a few, if any, are sourcing them systematically. But be discrete about it, as you don't want to give away what you're about to start doing! Why create competition where none exists?

Do You Need To Cold Call
Expired Listing Prospects For Best Results?

rea estate and marketing 2

No, not really! I called long enough to realize that follow-up calls weren't getting me more business! So, I stopped cold calling and focused on mailing more letters. Then magic happened after about 90 days and continued until I retired my license. Owners started calling me, and when they did, they did not just want to list their properties with me; they were expecting to! 

Imagine their surprise when I declined to list a property! I learned early on to walk away from a listing when an owner insisted on overpricing it or unreasonable terms and conditions that made it undesirable to list! 

Having said all this, I know some agents excel at cold calling - I wasn't one of them! However, mailing letters fit my personality and with the script I rocked two-plus listings a week!

Who Needs More Listings?

It's a trick question because no matter how long you've been licensed, everybody does, and one of your many options for generating some is mailing Expired Listing Letters. 

If you're a new agent, expired listing letter campaigns can help you get your career off to a good start...

And if you're a veteran agent, they can offer a new beginning to boost your productivity by tapping into a new stream of leads.

Are There Advantages to Using 
Pre-written Expired Listing Letters?

Absolutely! And there are many of them! There are many advantages to expired listing letter templates. Still, the biggest one is that you can predictably dominate your market!

Homeowners will initiate calls to you versus you calling them. When they do, they'll be expecting to do business with you!

Also, you will save time by working smarter! Once set up on your computer, you can send ten daily in 10-20 minutes. And because you'll be more focused, your effectiveness will increase! So you'll have more time to do other tasks that require more time and attention.

Do you have five expired listings a day in your MLS? If not, be creative! Mail old expireds (go back a year or more), FSBOs, absentee owners, etc.

  • 5 letters a day x 5 days equals 25 letters a week
  • 25 letters a week x 50 weeks equals 1250 letters a year

Are you getting this? 1250 letters to homeowners who are already realtor-friendly and have expressed an interest in selling!

Question: What do you think is going to happen? I know what I think! You're going to start getting some calls that will ultimately turn into a steady, renewable stream of warm, responsive prospects every week...month after month.

Are you doing anything remotely as successful as this right now? Probably not... right? So, why not give our letters a try... risk-free!

Our Expired Listing Letter System Set
- Time Tested & Proven

Here's What You Can  Expect! Mail 5 letters a day x 5-6 days a week and anticipate receiving, on average, 1-2 new listings a week using them. 

I'm not a mathematician, but it's a solid return on time and money spent to get 1-2 new listings a week! 

It may take a few weeks before they start rolling in, and it will only stop when you stop!

Can you find prewritten expired listing letters that are less expensive? Yes, you can. I see them all the time, but that doesn't mean I'd put my career at risk just because I decided to go with cheaper, unproven letters. And at best, many are only a few dollars less - if that! 

Plus, they may or may not be written by an agent for agents like ours! Finally, who doesn't like the idea of converting two-plus expired listings a week to new listings?

Instant Download and Ready To Use

expired listing letters, real estate marketingOur letters are delivered instantly and arrive ready for immediate use! You can order them in the morning and be using them after noon.

You can get these letters Instantly! And the first thing you should do when you receive them is to personalize them with your information, which will take a few minutes.  Outside of that, I recommend using them "as is." 

However, once you buy them, you can edit and embellish them as you please, but let me say, "If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. These letters are  proven effective when used "as is." So, there's no real reason to try fixing them to improve them.  I averaged 2 Plus listings a week using them...and you can be successful using them, too. 

Here's what you get!

expired listing letters, real estate marketing


The Main Expired Listing Letter 
An Alternate Initial Expired Letter  
 First Follow-Up Letter  
 Second Follow-Up Letter    
Third Follow-Up Letter  
Fourth Follow-Up Letter
An Expired Listing Log (Bonus)
A Marketing Update Report (Bonus) 
An Overview Ebook (Bonus) 
An Expired Listing Script (Bonus)

More about what you get when you order

BONUS #1 - The Expired Listing Log - This form allows you to talk to owners who respond to your letters about the specifics of their homes within seconds. 

Imagine the power of describing their home to them as if you were sitting in their living room.  It's a simple form that is exceptionally effective in getting the listing.

BONUS #2 - The Marketing Update Report - sometimes, agents are so busy marketing listings they fail to inform their clients of their efforts.  It's a critical mistake that even Top Producers make that can result in client dissatisfaction. 

This form addresses that issue.  You can complete and mail it in minutes. It makes letting them know what you're doing easy.  Underestimating their need to know is to your peril.

BONUS #3 - The Overview eBook tells you everything you need to know how to use this Expired Listing Letter System, step by step. 

BONUS #4 - The Expired Listing Script - this script is magical - I'm not kidding! It tells you exactly what to say to make appointments to take listings versus setting appointments to give listing presentations. 

Click the link below to order your letters. Then look them over and see if you are not immediately excited about getting started with going after expired listings. Finally, apply the tips, tricks, and tactics to cash in on Expired Listings.

Try them for 90 Days, and if you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, I'll Immediately Refund ALL of Your Money with no questions.

I'll issue you a quick refund of your investment, and we'll part as friends. It's a great deal, as I've put all the risk on myself.

expired listing letters, real estate marketing

Now is your time to get started converting Expireds To New  Listings.  

These Letters are Microsoft Word Documents and are Delivered Immediately via Email Download. WinZip is required to open them.  You'll get a link to download a FREE Copy if you need it.

Get It Now for $49.00   
Click here to order! 

Click to buy!
Expired Listing Letters Money Back Guarantee

Have questions before you order? 
Call me (Lanard Perry). My phone number is 
here. If I don't answer immediately, leave a voice message, and I'll call you right back. Our customer support is hard to match. Thanks for considering us!  

Grab Your Copy of our Expired Listing Letter System Now!

Happy Prospecting!

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