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Welcome to "Real Estate Marketing Talk", a premium resource for best practice products and services real estate agents, buyers, sellers, and investors! Want to gain an edge in a highly competitive market? Then explore or products and services and see what's right for you!

Let's face it; the real estate industry is very competitive. Everybody's vying for the same prospects; buyers and sellers!

The biggest issue with real estate agents is the high turnover rate within their first five years, up to 80% by some estimates. Consequently, there's pressure for agents to get enough buyers and sellers to sustain a living and stay in business while others wash out.

With sellers, it can sometimes be selling their homes before foreclosure proceedings catch up with them and wipe out their equity positions.

On the other hand, many buyers are being priced out of the market, as their earnings aren't keeping pace with the rising costs of rent and mortgages. 

Real Talk

To gain an edge, real estate agents, buyers, sellers, and investors should define their marketplace by clearly identifying exactly what their market is. They should become specialists…

• with real estate agents, their marketing forte could be upscale homes, country estates, move-up single-family homes, etc.

• with investors, it could be selling no money down homes or allowing move-up buyers to exchange current homes to investors for their larger, move-up homes.

• similarly, buyers can increase their real estate savvy by learning where the best deals are and how to negotiate the best prices for them.

• finally, sellers increase their bottom line by learning how to select the right agent to market their homes, prepare their homes for the market, and get the maximum price.

You're in the right place, whether you're

  • An agent needing more listings and sales

  • A buyer looking to save money on your next purchase

  • A seller looking to ensure you make the best deal and make the most money when you sell your house, or

  • An investor wanting to create wealth through real estate investments

I have included below some other resources for you to consider.  Thanks for visiting, and please feel free to call me if I can be of assistance. 

Sincerely, Lanard Perry 

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